Microsoft Excel tips and Tricks for Everyone

by Ali February 3, 2017 at 10:37 am

In this article, I will show you Microsoft Excel tips and tricks that every Excel user should know. Nowadays excel is one of the most used programs for accounting and business management. I will explain and introduce options that are really effective in creating an excel book or document. There are options for conditional formatting, header & footer, formulas and so on. There are options that are interesting such as conditional formatting, by this option we can color the cells that contain the decimal characters. It will look amazing when you apply it to the cells. We can also print the excel pages. Now everybody might be shocked that how we can print an excel page? Well, I will explain it later. We can remove any tab or option from the Microsoft Excel 2016. We will study further about the options. Let’s start with the first tip.

1-Conditional Formatting

This is an option that exists in the Microsoft Excel Home Tab. In the styles group, we can find this option. This option works amazing when we want to design the cells that contain numbers. We can apply the formatting only on the number. This formatting doesn’t work on the texts. Most of the time we can use it to know the highest percentage of the number that exists in a range. You can format a cell and lots of cells at a time.

7 excel tips
Conditional Formatting

When we apply the format to the cells it colorizes the cells with the different colors. The colors are loveable. That’s why I count it as an important tip in Microsoft Excel 2016. We have many other features when we open this option. The following picture is one of the samples for the conditional formatting effects. You can watch the cells that have a number is colorized with different colors, that is the conditional formatting’s effect.


Formulas are so common in Microsoft Excel 2016. Almost all of the people use excel because of the functions and formulas. We can create formulas and apply them to the cells. Formulas and functions make our work very easy. For example, in place of counting many numbers that exist in different cells, I can write a formula and it will automatically sum the numbers. In this article, I will explain some two of the formulas such as sum and if. Remember before writing and formula or function first you have to write an equal mark like this. =

Excel tips and trick
Formulas and functions

Sum: write = at the first they write sum, after typing sum select the cells that you want to plus the numbers.
If: we use this formula to put a provision. This function is used most of the time.

3-Header & Footer

At the first that we open an excel datasheet, we might think that excel might not have any header or footer. When we click on the header or footer option then you will see a completely new shape of Microsoft Excel. There will be many pages like Microsoft word. In the header and footer, we can add anything that we want such as date, time or anything else.

7 Excel tips
Header & Footer

The header or footer will only appear when you write or add something to the header or footer. You can add content to the header from the Header & Footer tools design tab. This tab will appear after you insert a header to the excel datasheet. Unfortunately, you cannot add pictures, charts, tables to the header or footer. You can only put text in the header or footer.

4-Add/Removing a tab or Group

We can add/remove a tab or a group and even a single tool. From the Microsoft Excel 2016 setting, we can remove the tabs and groups that we don’t need. We also can create a new tab, after creating the new tab we can add any tool and group to the new tab. Whenever we don’t need a tab then we can hide it from the tab ribbon.

I created an article about removing and adding the ribbon tabs and groups. Click here to study and learn.


Tables are very useful things in every Microsoft Office programs. People use it in many different ways. Most of the time we work with the tables and numerical data in Microsoft Excel 2016. In Microsoft excel we can work with the tables better than every Microsoft Office programs. In Microsoft excel we have verities of tables such as a pivot table and the normal tables. I will explain the pivot table in any other post because the explanation might take took too large space.

7 Excel Tips

What are normal tables?

The regular tables that we use in the other Microsoft office programs are called normal tables. These tables are very easy to use. In this kinds of the table, we can add our data to the cells. The pivot table is a little bit complicated to use for the excel beginners. We will study further about tables in the other posts.


In PowerPoint 2016 and in Word 2016 there are templates. The designed and ready pages or slide for using are called templates. In PowerPoint 2016 we have varieties of templates and also in word. In the Microsoft Excel 2016 start screen, we have a gallery of the templates. We can use any of the templates, but the templates are complicated and hard to use for some beginner Excel users. I can name some of the templates that exist in the Microsoft Excel template gallery or excel start screen.

Microsoft excel 2016 tutorials

This article was about Microsoft Excel tips and Tricks that you should know. I hope you have gotten something from this article.

Conclusion (Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks)

This article was all about 7 excel tips that you might not guess exist. I hope you liked and learned something from the article. Put a comment below the post if you have any question regarding the article (7 excel tips). Also provide us a feedback about the post in the comment.



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