How to add and remove tabs in Microsoft word 2016?

by Ali January 24, 2017 at 2:39 pm

In this article, you will learn how to add and remove tabs in Microsoft word 2016. Many people will ask that what is the need of adding & removing tabs. Well, we use Microsoft word according to our needs. For example, someone is working in the office then he might need some tools more than the other tools. For the special tools that you need every moment you can add a new tab. It was about adding now I will talk about removing the tabs. In Microsoft word 2016 there are tabs such as “Developer Tab” that most of the people don’t work with that. We can remove the tabs that we don’t need.

Collecting tools in one tab that we need frequently will create comfortability for us to work. While creating a new tab we can add other tools that exist in the other tabs. For example, we can add the clipboard group or any other groups from any tab.

We can also remove the tools that we don’t need. Continue reading to learn how to add & remove tabs in Microsoft word 2016. The above paragraph was information and the need of adding and removing the tabs. Follow the following steps.

Add and remove tabs

so first of all click on the file tab in Microsoft word 2016. You will be directed to the file tab backstage view. Click here to learn about the file tab backstage view.

When you reach to the file tab backstage view, at the end of the page click on the “Options”. By clicking on this option you will be directed to the PowerPoint 2016 setting. And from here you can perform many actions including adding and removing tabs.

Add & remove tabs
File backstage view

A new window will appear after clicking on the “options”. Our work is with this window. Find customize ribbon option from the left side of the window then click on that.

Microsoft word 2016 tutorials
Customize Ribbon

At the right side of the window, you will see the tabs list that exists in Microsoft word 2016. From here you can add & remove tabs and the groups that exist in the tab. Just click on the plus mark to expand and show the groups that are part of the tab.

Besides the plus mark, we have check boxes. If we put the tick mark in the box, then the tab will appear but if we untick the box then the tab will disappear.

add and remove tabs in Microsoft word 2016
Tab list

Create a new Tab

So now I am going to show you all how to create a completely new tab in Microsoft word 2016. We always use some tools more than the others. It will be easy to add all of the tools in one tab that you use repeatedly. You can arrange many groups in one tab. For example, you can add the clipboard group and the style group in your tab. You can name the tab and rename the groups and the tools. For creating a new tab follow the following steps.

Just go to the place where you remove the tabs. Then below the tabs list, there is an option by the name of New Tab. By clicking on the option a new tab will be created. The tab will appear in the tab lists. Right-click on the tab and then click on Rename Option to rename the tab.

Microsoft word 2016
Add new tab

Besides the tab list, there is the tools list. If you want to add some tool tools to the tab then, first of all, create a group in the tab then select any of the tools, then click on the (add) button to add the tool. you can sort the tools group and select every individual tool that you want to add to the tab. We can add many groups in one tab and also many tools in a group. So now it is your turn to create a new tab in Microsoft word 2016. It was the steps to create a new tab. I hope you have gotten something.


This article was all about “How to add and remove tabs in Microsoft word 2016”. I have mentioned the usages in the first paragraph of the article but that is not the only ways people add & remove tabs. People add and remove tabs according to their work. For example, someone doesn’t need the mailing tab then, of course, he can remove that tab. I hope you have gotten something from this article.

Put a comment below the post if you have any question about any part of this article. Also, share us your opinion about the article and give us a feedback. Thanks for giving us your time.

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