How to apply text effects & manage paragraph spacing?

by Ali January 21, 2017 at 5:10 am

In this article, you will learn how to apply text effects and paragraph spacing. In Microsoft word 2016, almost all of our work is with the texts and paragraphs. The text effect is a kind of design or formatting that we can apply to the text. When we select a design from the list then the effect will be on the list that exists in the document formatting group. After applying a format on the paragraph the spacing and the title and heading place will change. For example, when you select one of the effects from the document formatting group then the size of the text, header place, and paragraph spacing will change. This is somehow confusing but I have given more information below this paragraph. I hope you will understand everything.

Talking about the paragraph spacing. We can manage the space between the lines and the paragraphs. For example, we can choose no spacing for a paragraph. When you select the no spacing option then there will be no space between the line of the paragraph. When you want to select or choose any of the paragraph spacing options then it will be applied to the whole texts and paragraphs that exist on the document. I have added more information below the (apply text effects) heading.

Apply text effects

Let’s begin the study on how to apply text effects.

I recommend that before reading the paragraph have a glance at the picture below the paragraph. As I told in the first paragraph that by applying text effect the header place and the paragraph space will change. The effects are created for you that you should use them in the correct place. For example, I can choose a paragraph spacing that space should not be more than 1.5 pt. The Text effect Option exists in the document formatting group on the Design tab. Have a glance to the text effect options in the following picture.

Apply text Effects
Text Effects

When you click on any of the effects then, first of all, you can see the changes in the document formatting style gallery. Most of the people get confused when they click on the effects but doesn’t see and changes on the document. First, the changes will appear in the document formatting style gallery then click on any of the styles to see the changes and the effects. Some people are confused that all of the effects are the same. There are small differences between them that why all of the effects looks same to same.

Apply text effects in Microsoft word 2016
Style Gallery

Applying the styles bring changes such as space between the line of the paragraphs, changing the header place and the title place. Here are names of the effects that you can apply to your documents. Some of the styles name doesn’t appear on some computer screens because the screen is small. You can see the complete name by taking your mouse to the effect after some seconds the complete name will appear.

  • Office
  • Office 2007-2010
  • Subtle solids
  • Banded edge
  • Smokey glass
  • Glow edge
  • Reflection

this was a short information on how to apply text effect.

Paragraph Spacing

According to the circumstances, we can manage the space or distance between the lines of a paragraph. For example, you want to write a work application and the application is short then you can select the paragraph spacing with more space. In the design, we have an option by the name of Paragraph spacing. From here we can manage the distance between the lines of the paragraph. We have many options for paragraph spacing such as tight, open and relaxed. In Microsoft word 2016, we have six options for paragraph spacing including the default paragraph spacing. Of course, we can apply a customize paragraph spacing. For example, we can set the distance or space of the line to (2 Pt). the followings are the paragraph spacing options. All of the options has the difference of the space. They don’t bring any other changes to the paragraph or the document.

  • No paragraph spacing
  • Compact
  • Tight
  • Open
  • Relaxed
  • Double
Paragraph spacing in Microsoft word 2016
Paragraph Spacing

When you select any of the paragraph spacing options then you can also see the changes in the Document formatting style gallery.

Theme in Microsoft word 2016

As we can apply themes in Microsoft PowerPoint also we can apply in Microsoft word. There is a theme list in the design tab. From here we can select any of the themes.

When we apply any of the themes then it will change the heading colors and the font size and the font itself. Unfortunately, it cannot change the text color or the background color.

Put a comment below the post and ask if you have any question about the (apply text effects) lesson. Also give a feedback in the comment.


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