Change Default language of Microsoft Word

by Ali August 14, 2017 at 6:50 am

Many times people want to use their own language in Microsoft Word or any other Office programs but they don’t know how to do it. In this article, I am going to show you how to Change Default language of Microsoft Word. Once you learn how to change the default language of Microsoft word then you can change default language of any other program of Microsoft Office. After you change default language of Microsoft word to another language you will see some differences. The changes depend on your language rules. For example, If I select Dari language then the writing will start from the right side of the page. after the change whenever your type something it will be written in the same language you selected. Also, the numbers will be from the same language.

Changing the language doesn’t have any effect on the ribbons, options, buttons, and some more. None of the languages can change these things. Everything will work correctly but the language and the side to start will change. For most people that work with their own language, they can change the default. Actually, they have to change because it saves their time from changing the language every time.

So let move to change the default language of Microsoft word 2016.

Change Default language of Microsoft Word 2016

First of all, open Microsoft word document then go to the file backstage view. Then from the list find the options option. click on the that. After clicking a new window will appear on the screen.

File Backstage view
File Backstage view

From the new window go to the language section and then from the first box select the language you want to change. After the selecting beside that, there is the option to change the default language. Click on the option and a small window will appear. After clicking on change default you will see the confirmation window.

Change Default language of Microsoft Word
Changing the Default Font

Click on YES and then close the Microsoft Word window. Open Microsoft word once again and then you will see the changes. Your work is done here. This is how easy you can change the default language of Microsoft word 2016.

As I told you all in the first paragraph that once you learn this it will work on any other Microsoft Office programs. In addition, below that box, you will see the list of Microsoft Office apps. In that list, you can see that what is the default language of every programs or app.

Conclusion (Change Default language of Microsoft Word)

In this article, I taught you how to change the default language of Microsoft Word. I hope you have learned something from the article. Put a comment below the post and ask your questions about the article and any Microsoft Office programs. Also, don’t forget to share your ideas and suggestion about the article. Make sure to check out our upcoming articles, subscribe us with your email or Gmail we will inform you.

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