Two ways to Change Microsoft Office apps themes

Microsoft Office theme is a big problem at this time, everyone says that why Microsoft Office programs themes are these much less. We cannot download any theme for any Microsoft Office programs. There are only three themes in Each of the Microsoft Office programs. The colorful, dark gray, and white. Every Microsoft Office programs have its own colorful theme. For example, the Microsoft word theme color is blue and Excel’s color is green. There are extra things that can make the themes look good. For example, there is the Office background that looks amazing in every Microsoft Office themes but you need to have a Microsoft Office account. Don’t worry if you may check this article to create a Microsoft Office account in three steps. In this article, I am going to teach you all how to change Microsoft Office apps themes.

Some people even don’t know that there are three themes for Microsoft Office programs so Today I will show you all two ways to change Microsoft Office themes. The both ways don’t need a specific program of Microsoft Office. Both ways work with any Microsoft Office programs. So if it interests you so let’s move to change the themes.

Change Microsoft Office apps themes (method 1)

The first method is very easy and comfortable. First of all, open the program which you want to change the theme. For example, open a Microsoft Word document or a Microsoft PowerPoint slide. The matter is open a Microsoft office app. Once you open the app then go to the file backstage view of the program or app. From there find the account option and then click on that. This is the second step.

File Backstage view
File Backstage view

After clicking on the option from the right side of the window find office theme and then select the theme from the list. Select any of the themes and the window color or theme will automatically change. For changing it to the default theme just select the colorful theme from the list. The default theme for every Microsoft Office apps is the colorful theme which is somehow better in my view.

Change method 1
Change Method 1

For those who are signed in with an account of Microsoft Office or outlook, there is another option above the theme list. Actually, it is a list of the graphic effects that will appear on the app ribbon. The effects won’t appear if you didn’t log in to the app with Microsoft Account. There are simple steps to make an account. The link is in the first paragraph you may check it out.

In addition, the effects will appear in all three themes of the Microsoft office. Once you choose or select any of the themes it will look like that until you don’t change it. It was the first method of changing the theme.

Change Microsoft Office apps themes (method 2)

Well changing the theme with this method is somehow lengthy because we are going to the app setting. Same as the first method open any Microsoft Office apps and then go to the file backstage view. I think you wouldn’t need a picture of this step because it is same as the first step of method one. This time click on the (option) option to move to the setting.

After the click, a new window will appear then find the (personalize a copy of the Microsoft Office) section. Find the office theme from there and then choose the theme you want. It is all in the general option. Look at the following picture for more clarification.

Changing themes second method
Changing themes second method


They were the two methods of changing any Microsoft Office app theme. I hope that you have got something from the article(Change Microsoft Office apps themes ). Put a comment below and share your ideas and suggestions about the article. You may ask your questions too. Don’t forget to check out our other articles. Click here.

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