How to Design a Slide in PowerPoint 2016? (Slide Designing)

by Ali December 14, 2016 at 11:24 am

Hopefully, I wish that you have remembered the designing tabs for the tools like the chart, table or picture. In that designing tabs, we learned about the design tab of that particular tools. Today we will learn about Slide Designing background and themes. Applying the design on the slide is all about coloring it in different ways. We have a special tab for designing slide and particular tools. Every beautiful themes and template are created from shapes and coloring the slide background correctly. We have three groups in the Design Tab such as Themes group, Variants, and Customize. All of the named groups are for the slide background style. Also in this tab, we have a formatting panel in which there are the variety of colors like gradient, texture, picture, and of course pattern fills. The shapes that exist on the themes is because of the graphics and shapes.

Starting from themes group.


In this group, we have a list of variety templates that we can choose for our presentation. Almost all of the designs appear in the PowerPoint star screen or in the template list. You can use these templates to create the brochure, letters, certificate, cover pages and many other things.

We have two options in this group.

  1. Browse for themes
  2. Save current theme

Browse for the themes: we can use this option when you already have saved a theme or you have downloaded a theme and you want to insert the theme in the presentation. Click on the option and find the presentation and then click open to insert the presentation.

Save current theme: we can use this option to save the theme that we have designed. Next time when we need a theme then we can browse and insert the template. Save current theme option is useful because once you save your favorite presentation you can use it repeatedly.

Designing slide
Design Tab


Variant is similar to word variety which means different. The group is named variant because you may see different colors of one template. In PowerPoint, it is a group of tools that we can edit the templates by them. When you select a template/theme from the theme group then we will see different color but with the same theme in the variants list. From this group, we can edit the theme that we have selected for our presentation. In this group, we have many tools such as colors, fonts, effects and background styles. Now I will explain all of them.  you should remember one thing that all of the changes will be applied to the theme that you have selected before.

Variants group

Colors: the first option in this group is the color list when you click on the color option a list of colors will appear. From the list, you can select the background color of the slide but you cannot change the theme itself. In some templates when you change the color of the background all template objects will be changed but not in some other templates.

PowerPoint tutorials

Fonts: in the font list we have many kinds of fonts that you can apply to the template. The installed fonts won’t appear in this list, for example, you have installed many fonts in your system, it will appear in the PowerPoint home tab but it will not appear in the Variant group. That is because some of the templates don’t support the font you have selected. You can only select the text kind when you insert a text box or a shape/object. If you want to change the written text font you cannot.

PowerPoint 2016

Effects: as I told in the first paragraph that template/themes are created with coloring and shapes. effects are for the shapes that exist with the template itself. In some templates, the changes might not appear clearly but in some templates, you can see the changes clearly such as facet template and slice template. There are many effects in the effect list. This is one of most effective options in designing a template.

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Background styles: background styles are the changes of the color position. Most of the templates use a gradient color which is a mixture of many colors. In the background list, there are many styles that you can apply to the template. Click here to know more about gradient colors.

Powerpoint tutorials
Background Styles

Slide Size

Selecting a suitable size for your presentation slide is effective on designing slide. In every presentation the size of the slide should be managed according to presentation kind. Sometimes the picture that you use in the presentation is landscape and sometimes portrait. You have to fix the size according to the object or elements that you want to use in the presentation. We have two usual sizes for the slide. The standard size and the widescreen size. Almost all of the people use the widescreen size for their presentation. The widescreen is wide enough and look great rather than the standard size. Today’s electronics like televisions the landscape size is larger than the portrait size. Of course, all of the videos looks good in the landscape mode in the mobiles.

PowerPoint 2016 tutorials
Slide size

Without the two usual sizes, we have custom slide size. What is custom slide size? Custom slide size is the size that we can customize or edit it. In the custom slide size, we can edit the slide width and the slide height. If we need a larger width than we can increase the width and also the height.

PowerPoint slides
Custom Slide Size

Format background

It is a panel you can open it by right-clicking on the template and then click on the format background or from design tab the last tool you can open it. When you click on this option a pane will show up on the right side of the presentation. As we have some information about this pane from the previous post. This pane has different options of colors like gradient colors, pattern, picture, texture and solid fill. This pane is only for the background of the slide. Without the colors, we have an option named hide background graphics. When we tick mark this option the shapes and graphics that appear on the template will be hidden. Simply we can say that it disappears the theme objects or the theme design. Click here to review the colors in the format background panel.

Slide Designing
Format Background

Slide Designing?

first of all once ask this question from yourself.

Finally, after thinking I get to this answer. Well, people would think that what is the need of designing slide but they don’t know that everything looks good with style. Now in every place, the well dressed and well character catches the attention of the people. The designing slide is also like that if you design slide well then it will catch the eyes of the audience to the presentation. You can find many reasons to design slides. Though people tell that beauty is in simplicity but remember that a well-dressed person looks better than nude and fit body.
just because you disagree with me don’t forget to share this article. comment if you have any question about designing slide in PowerPoint 2016.


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