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In this article, you will learn how to create cover pages for the word documents. Well in the word most of the people write a book, create magazines, and other reading materials. A cover page is important when you want to catch the audience eyes toward your material. If you have a good content in your book or magazine but you don’t have a good looking cover page, then your material is again incomplete. If you create an amazing cover page, then everybody will say that the cover page is this much amazing then how much amazing will be the content.

A cover page is a page that will place at the first of the document. In every book, magazine and other reading materials before reading the content you will look at the cover page. On the cover page, you can place many thinks such as picture, text. Also if your material depends on to the mathematics you can add tables, charts and other mathematic signs. You can create a cover page in Microsoft word 2016. Hope you will learn something from this article.

Create cover page in Microsoft word 2016

As is said in the above paragraph that we can create a cover page in Microsoft word 2016. In the insert tab, we have a particular group for inserting a cover page. We have a cover page list in this group, from this group we can insert designed cover pages. Just click on the cover page to insert it into your document. When you insert the page then it will appear on the first page of the document, it will not affect the content that exists on the first page.

The cover pages contain text boxes. The text boxes are for the writer to write anything on the front of the book. We also can add pictures, charts, tables, equations, shapes and much more. In Microsoft word, there are simple cover pages that you can edit and add you content. For example, you can add a title and picture.

cover pages
Cover page list

The cover pages are created with the graphics, colors, shapes, text boxes, and placeholders. In Microsoft word, there are not much good looking cover pages but you can create it the best template. In the insert tab cover page list, we have some simple samples. Creating a cover page is not that much hard, we can create our own cover page just by adding lines, adding some text boxes and some other stuff. I will create a simple cover page for you to learn. Follow the steps carefully to learn clearly. Before starting the lesson download some perfect and high-quality pictures from the internet or somewhere else. I could suggest deviant art site high-quality pictures. Click here on the link to visit the site. Most of the pictures are graphic work and hand shading and paintings.

Creating our own cover pages

The following cover page is just a simple template. You can use graphics and shapes to make it interesting and amazing cover page. Creating cover page is so easy. In creating a cover page font, picture and color are the most important things that you should know. The font should be readable to all and it should be depended on to the content that exists in the material. For example, if the material is a poem book then writing the title with the poem font would look better and tidy. First of all, you need some high-quality pictures. You can create a cover page without the picture but it won’t that be much amazing. Follow the steps.

How to create amazing cover pages in Microsoft word 2016
Cover Page

Step1. Select a large size and high-quality picture because the picture should take the complete page or half of the page. Place the picture at anywhere of the page. I have placed my one on the top of the page but with some distance. The distance is for the text box.

Step 2. When you place the picture in the correct place then it is time to add a text box. For adding a text box go to insert tab in the text group you can find text box. Add the text box on the top of the page.

Step3. Add another text box below the picture. The text box is for the writer name or other information. You can add as many text boxes as you can. According to your need, you can add pictures and text boxes. In the most templates, we never use more than 3 text boxes.

Extra tips: for making an amazing and tidy cover page you can use different colors and different fonts. The font of the template really affects the style of the template and also the color does. While writing the title you can use different colors for each word or a character like I did. Don’t use too many different fonts that the audience could not read the title or whatever. The font for the title should be with style and others like writer’s name should be simple.


Thanks for being with me till the last. I hope that you have gotten something from this article. The cover page that I made was just a simple style you can make more complicated and professional templates. If you have any question put a comment below the post, we will answer as soon as possible. Don’t forget to share it with others. See you all in the next article.

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