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by Ali May 31, 2017 at 11:11 am

In this article, I will be showing you to create custom themes for yourselves. If you want a theme to use it time and again then you can create it and save it in the PowerPoint 2016. In creating a custom template, we just select kind of the text, the color of the text and the background colors. we can also format the background with the textures, gradient, solids, patterns and texture fills. By creating a custom theme, you can make easy your work. For example, someone creates custom themes that he need always then he can easily select the theme he wants. It will be awesome to create your own theme and it is better than changing the font, color, and background again and again.

What is a Theme? And a custom theme?

The theme is the style or the design of a template. Actually, we can call it custom template also. In a theme, we have the font, font color, and the background colors and design with the graphic backgrounds. Overall we can call them a theme.

A custom theme is created by own self. In here we can select our favorite font and the font color and choose the background color. We can edit every single position of the objects in a theme. For example, we can change the position of the placeholder to anywhere we want. We manage the colors, text, and styles that are why we call it a custom theme. In Addition, we can also customize the templates that already is in the PowerPoint template gallery. Now that we have gotten much about the theme and the custom theme lets create some themes.

 How to Create Custom themes in PowerPoint?

First of all, you have to download the theme you want to insert and a picture if you want in the background. As I told you in the third paragraph that a theme is consist of the font, colors, and placeholders. For editing them we have to open the slide master from the view tab. Before editing, you have to open a simple theme or a template.

Open PowerPoint then finds the View tab and from the master, views group click on the slide master option. after clicking on the option we can see a new tab with new options just for editing the theme. You can see the instruction in the following picture.

Create Custom Themes in PowerPoint 2016
Create Custom Themes

Now from the new tab, you can edit the theme, the fonts, and the background. For editing the font color there is an option in the Background group by the name of colors click on that. After clicking a list will appear with new options then click on the customize option in the list. You can see The instruction in the following picture.

PowerPoint 2016
PowerPoint 2016

When we on the Customize option a new tab will appear and from here select any color you want for the text.

Color Customization

Below the colors option, we can change the font design itself. By clicking on the option you can select the font design you want. It will be applied automatically on the theme you are creating. After editing the text, you can change the text boxes position by taking and dragging it anywhere.

PowerPoint 2016 tutorials
Customize font

In addition, we can add more placeholders if we want.
know that you know how to create custom themes go start and create custom themes for yourselves and use them.

Edit the theme Background

Editing the background is very important for the look of the theme. So for designing of the theme, I would suggest you all select the gradient color or insert a picture. If the picture is related to your work that would be more interesting and good looking.

From the Background group, click on the background styles. There is a design that you can select from them but as my thinking, they don’t look good much. If you cannot design a background, then you can select a background style from the style gallery.

Right-click on the background and then click on the Format Background option. You will see a panel on the right side of the screen and from there we can select many designs. For example, we can select the pattern fill, texture, picture or the gradient fill. This time I will insert a picture for the background of my theme. When we insert a picture then the transparency will help us to make the background look good.

Format Background in PowerPoint 2016
Format Background Option

You can use all the options that exist in the panel to customize the theme. Find more details in the following Picture.

Formatting theme Background
Formatting Theme Background

You have to remember one thing that after selecting the picture and managing the transparency level and the position of the picture click on the apply to all option. that is because if you don’t click on the option the picture will just appear in the first slide, not in the other.

Saving the Theme

After all, editing and designing we have to save the theme in the drive that your system is installed. You can see the instruction in the following picture.
First of all, click on the edit theme option in the slide master group then click on the Save current theme option.
After clicking on the option type the name you want then click on Save to save the theme.

Saving the theme in PowerPoint 2016
Saving the theme

Conclusion of the article (Create Custom themes)

the article (create custom themes) was all about creating the themes we might need every day or every time. creating custom themes makes our work easy that why I suggest you all create custom themes.
I hope you all have gotten something from this article. I will be happy answering your question if you have any question fell free to ask. Put a comment and give us a feedback about the article.

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