How to create data validation in Microsoft excel 2016

by Ali February 2, 2017 at 6:56 am

in this article, you will learn about the data validation in Microsoft excel 2016. People and any organization have rules for their employees and also we can create rules for the cells of our data sheet. In Microsoft excel our work is with the cells and we can create and manage some rules for the cells. Creating rules for the cells make it easy for us to manage the data very well. In this article, I will show you how to create rules for the cells. We will create rules with the data validation option that exist in the (data) tab in Microsoft excel 2016. It is very easy to create rules with the data validation option. I will provide more information below. The option is very easy to use just click on the option and choose one action from the options that is all. The rule is created.

What is data validation?

The data validation is an option that we can create rules for the cells in our data sheet. This option exists in the data tab of Microsoft excel 2016. We can create rules like list, decimal, date, time, and manage text length for the cell. For example, I select some cells and I will click on one of the options like text length. After selecting text length rule you can manage the length of the text that you will write in. I will create a rule step by step. Remember for creating a rule, first of all, you have to select the cells and then you can apply any rule on the selected cells. You can select as many ranges as you can. follow the following steps to create a rule with data validation option.

How to create a rule with data validation option?

First of all, select the range of the cells that you want to apply data validation on. After the range is selected go to the data tab and click on the data validation option.

create a rule with data validation in excel 2016
Data validation option

After clicking on the data validation option a new window will appear. On the window, there is a list of rules that you can select any of them. There are seven rules including (any value) option. When (any value option) is on then you can put or insert anything in the cell like text, number, email address and more.

Data validation rule list
Data validation rule list

This time I will select the (list) option from the data validation rules. Select the option from the list.

After selecting the option below that there is a box by the name of the source. In this box, we can write the list of name, products, numbers or anything. After writing a value put the comma and then write the second value. For example, (yes, no). the example is separated with the comma. If you don’t put a comma between the values, then all of the values will appear as one option in the cell. The comma is important here.

Excel 2016 tutorials
Making list

After doing the steps go and check the range that you applied the rule on. The cells will have a list of options that you typed in the source box. Now the rule has applied to the cells.

You can apply the rules the same way we did above. There might be small changes. Give us a feedback in the comment if you have learned something from this post


I hope you have gotten something about applying rules with data validation. Go and create your own rules. Put a comment below the post if you have any problem or question. Subscribe us with your email and we will remind you when we post an article. Don’t forget to share this post.

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