How to Create PowerPoint Templates for website Advertisement

by Ali August 6, 2017 at 6:16 pm

Most of the time we need to advertise our website or our blog to get more visitors or audience. For that, we need to create/design something that should show our website specialty or quality. Many times people use video advertisement for advertising their products, blogs, websites and more. For some beginners in blogging and website, it is hard to create a video but the picture advertisement is very easy. The PowerPoint templates are one of the easiest and no costing way to create an advertisement. You may also create a presentation for your products, website or blog but the picture/template is more comfortable. In this article, I am going to show you all how to create PowerPoint templates for website advertisements. We will move to creating advertisement template but before check out our new article about creating professional templates in PowerPoint 2016.

Needed Contents

So starting from the first thing you need.

  • Some photos from your website or your blog.
    • You need the photo because of showing your materials that exist on your website.
    • Showing material kinds for the related audience to your content.
  • Photos must be from different parts of your website
    • Different materials and content of your website are shown in the different photos.
  • High-quality photos give the best look to the template.
    • Quality really matters the template.
  • Download some tidy and stylish font.
    • For writing on the advertisement, you may need some of them.
  • Get your website or blog’s logo png.
    • This is not compulsory you can also use the text to introduce your website but the logo will look better.
  • Finally, you need the Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.

The things that I have mentioned are very important and I wrote the reason also below each of them. So they are the things that you need to collect before starting the project. Now let’s move to design an amazing template.

Create PowerPoint Templates for Advertisement

First of all, insert a blank slide and then right click on the slide. A list of options will appear find format background and then click on the option. By clicking on the option a new panel will appear at the right side of the PowerPoint window. From here you can format the background of the slide.

PowerPoint Templates
Insert Blank Slide

Moving to the second step you have to click on the “picture and texture” option in the panel. Then select a picture related to your website or blog. After that, you need to set the transparency level of the picture to 30 to 40 percent. The picture will be less visible.

Setting Transparency level
Setting Transparency level

Once you have created the Background then insert at least four pictures of your website with the same size. The size of the picture can be edited in PowerPoint too but the quality will not remain the same. Arrange the pictures behind each other as me. Look at the following picture.


Select all the pictures and press (Crtl+G) to group them. You will see the format tab at the tab ribbon click on that.

PowerPoint Templates
Group the Pictures

From the (format tab) find the picture effects and apply reflection effect and the 3-D rotation and place the picture at the correct or suitable position. You may see the following picture as an example.

Apply reflection and 3-d rotation
Apply reflection and 3-d rotation

Now it is time to add your logo or the text. Go to the insert tab and then find text box from there. Insert the first text box and then write the name of your blog or website. Then insert another text box for the word you use to identify your work. You may add your logo instead of writing your website name.

Add text and logo Icon
Add text and logo Icon


Creating PowerPoint templates for advertisement is so easy. You can create more complicated and beautiful templates for your business. In fact, PowerPoint templates are really amazing and no costing source for making the advertisement for products. In the next articles, we will try to make advertisement through PowerPoint slide presentation. Nowadays the videos are more effective than the texts and written forms. I hope you have gotten something from the article.

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