How to Create Relationships in Microsoft Access?

by Ali February 18, 2017 at 4:31 am

In this article, I will teach you all, how to create relationships in Microsoft Access 2016. Well, the relationship is a very complicated and useful feature in Microsoft access 2016. we use this tool to relate and join the information from all tables. It will be very easy for us to see all the information in one query. This feature has many users. Nowadays people uses this tool for their factories, offices, and schools. For example, a school headmaster can use this feature to make the students lists and the factory manager use it to make the products lists and sales. So as I told that this feature is very useful for everyone. In this article, I will make some tables and then we will relate the tables.

Suppose I am the principal of a school and I want to make the list of the students that study in my school.

Before applying relationships, we have to create some tables. We will create tables that a school project need. We need to create the following tables for a school project.

  • Office table
  • Student table
  • Result Table
  • Fee table

You can add many other tables but in this project, in this project, it is enough. Now let’s create an Office table.

Create Tables for relationships

Whenever we want to create relationships in Microsoft Access then we need a table.

Office table

This table will be our main table. From here we could see all the student list, student results or fee. We need to add these columns in the office table. Classes, Class in charge, Student name, Room Number. You can take help or instruction from the following picture. We have to put a primary key on the “classes” option. Don’t be confused just follow the following steps then you will understand once we apply the relationship.

Microsoft Access 2016
Office table

Student table

In this table, we will add and provide the information just for the student. The columns that we are going to add in the student tables are “Student id, class, Student name, father name, Phone number, Picture and so on”. The columns like phone number or picture are not important but it will be better if you add. Look at the following table in the picture if you didn’t understand.

Microsoft access 2016
Student Table

Result table

Well in here we will add the information about the results of the students. We have to add the name of the subjects in this table. You can arrange the table by this sequence. First, add “Student ID, then add the important subjects like biology, geology, chemistry, maths and more. We have to add a primary key on the “Office ID” option. You can get help from the following picture.

Access 2016 tutorials
Result Table

Fee table

In this table, we will add the fee information of the students. For example, we can add the month of the year as a column as I did in my project. We have to add a “Student ID” column. You can get instruction from the following picture.

So now we have created all of our tables. Follow the following steps to create relationships between the tables.

Access 2016 tutorials
Fees table

Create Relationships in Microsoft Access 2016

I told you some simple usage of the relationship feature. I would recommend you to see the picture that exists at the end of this paragraph first because it is somehow difficult for beginners. Now we will apply relationship on the tables that we have created.

First of all, go the “Design View” of any table. After going to the design view a new tab will appear by the name of design. On the top of the name table tools is written. After you saw the page find the relationship group then click on the relationship option.

After you click on the relationship feature a new view will appear in which all of the tables will appear. From here we can create relationships between the table. Once again I will name the tables that we have created. Office table, student table, result table, and fee table. Once we find and recognize the table then we can apply relationship on.

According to my project now we have to connect the “Classes” option from the office table with the “class” column that exists in the student table. Now it means that the information that exists in the student table, you can see on the office table. Records will appear automatically in the Office table after you add a record in the student table.

After we relate the classes we should relate the student table with the fee table and result table. Take “Student ID” from the student table and drag it on the student id of the result table. Take “Student ID” from the student table and drag it into the “Student ID” of the fee table. we are done here. Now go and add some records. The following picture shows relationships.

Create relationships in Microsoft Access
Create relationships in Microsoft Access

Some more Information

Now we have applied the relationship on the tables. It is time to add some records to the student table. After we add some records in student table it will appear in the office table too. When we want to add some records to the fee or result table we can add from the student table too. Just like the following picture. In the following picture you can see that I have opened fee table in the student table.

After we create relationships creating report, forms, and queries will be more easy. Relationship makes our work very easy to add records to the table. Not only in the school projects but in all kinds of projects such as a company project, a factory project, a worker salary project and more.


Well I dedicate this article to the Microsoft access users. Whenever we create relationships in Microsoft Access, our works will be easy with adding record and creating reports, queries, and forms. I hope you have gotten something from this article. Put a comment below the post if you have any question regarding this post “How to create Relationships in Microsoft Access”. Also share your ideas about Microsoft Access in the comments.


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