How to Create Tables in Microsoft Access?

by Ali February 14, 2017 at 3:24 pm

In this article, you will learn how to create tables in Microsoft Access. Using tables are very easy and comfortable to use in Microsoft access. We can use the access tables to manage and place our data in the table. Inserting a table in Microsoft Access is much different from the other Microsoft office programs. For example, in Microsoft word, PowerPoint, and Excel we used to go to the insert tab and insert a table. In Microsoft Access, we have to attend some other options to create or insert a table. I will show you how to create tables in Microsoft Access in the next paragraph. The tables have many roles in creating other objects like form, query, and reports. For creating form, queries, and reports we need a table that should contain the information. we have to design the tables.

In other Microsoft Office programs, we add the information directly to the table but it is not the same in Microsoft Access. For creating a table first, we have to design the table. The designing mean’s that we should add the table columns and select the cells validation. In Microsoft Access the columns are the title and we can add the records in the rows. It was some information about the tables and its contents. Now in the following paragraph, you will learn how to create tables in Microsoft Access.

How to Create tables in Microsoft Access?

There are several ways for inserting and creating tables. I will show some of the ways that you can insert easily.

Go to the (create tab) of Microsoft Access then click on the table to insert a table in your database. After inserting the table our work will just get started because there is no any records or information. we have to right click on the table then click on the Design View when you click on the option then you will be directed to a completely new view. From here we can add columns. The columns don’t mean that we can insert our data’s. For example, we cannot add the student name in the design view of the table. We can only add records or information when we are on the datasheet view if the database.

create tables in Microsoft Access
Create Tab Table Option

Note: the information that we insert in rows of Design View will be the columns of the datasheet view. It means that these are the titles for the rows.

This is the second way that you can insert a table. Now go to the (create tab) of Microsoft Access then click on the Table Design option that exists in the tables Group. This is the similar way like the 1st way but when we click on this option we will be directly directed to the Design view of a table. This is easier and comfortable way than the first way. When you are directed to the Design view of the table then you can add the columns and titles.

Design Table Option

This will be the third way to create a table.When we open a new Access database then from the first we have a table by the name of a table.


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