Creating SmartArt in PowerPoint 2016

by Ali March 24, 2017 at 3:00 pm

In this article, you will learn about creating SmartArt and I will explain Smart Art itself. What is a SmartArt? Smart are shapes which contain many other shapes to express something by sequence. Also, we can express the relationships, and list of something with the SmartArt’s. Whenever we want to show or express something with sequence then SmartArt’s are the best to use. We have the SmartArt option in Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. There are different ways to use SmartArt and today I will tell some that I use. For example, if I want to make the life three stages then I can use SmartArt or if I want to make the water cycling SmartArt is the best thing. This is a good option for school projects and also business projects. Most of the SmartArt’s are well designed for everything, I mean we can use them in different ways.

So in the following paragraphs, I will create some SmartArt’s as an example and also we can edit and format everything that exists in the SmartArt. For example, we can edit the text, shape outlines, shape fill, and some other formatting.

Insert SmartArt in PowerPoint 2016

It is very easy for the user to insert a SmartArt. First of all, go to the “Insert” tab of PowerPoint and then find “Illustration” group from there. When you saw the SmartArt Option then click on that.

A new window will appear and from that window, you can select any SmartArt that you like. You can see the list of the SmartArt’s that exist in PowerPoint 2016. There are some of the SmartArt’s names: List Process, Cycle, Pyramid, relationship. Each of the SmartArt’s is used in different ways. For example, we can use the relationship SmartArt to show the relationships between the two things. You can see all the SmartArt’s that exist in PowerPoint in the following Picture.

All SmartArts
All SmartArts

Another way of inserting SmartArt

There are many ways to insert a SmartArt but this is one of my favorite ways that I always use it. Go to any slide that has a free text box then right click in the text box. You will see a list, find “Convert to SmartArt” from the list a then click on the option.

Note: the text box in which you are going to insert SmartArt in should not be inserted by you. It should be the slide’s text box otherwise, the “Convert to SmartArt” option will not appear after the right click. Look at the following Picture if you didn’t get the point. You can see that the text box that I have inserted don’t have the “Convert to SmartArt” option.

Convert to SmartArt
Convert to SmartArt

They are the two ways that I always use to insert a SmartArt in my Presentation.

SmartArt Usages

Actually, people are creating SmartArt for making their work easy and make their audience understand quickly just with some graphics and shapes. It depends on the condition that which kind of SmartArt we are going to use for example for showing process of something. If we want to display the branches, kind or types of something then it would be better to use a hierarchy SmartArt. In the following list, I will recommend some options that when to use the kind/types of the SmartArt.

To Do This Use this SmartArt
For Showing Process of something Process
For showing kind or branches of something Hierarchy
For showing process with text and picture Process with Picture Box
For showing kind or branches with picture Hierarchy with Picture Box
For showing relationships Hierarchy/Relationship
For showing how parts relate to a whole Matrix

They are some common things that we can use the right SmartArt in the correct place.

Creating SmartArt

In this article (creating SmartArt) means adding content and designing the SmartArt.

So I told you many things and many examples about the usage of SmartArt’s in PowerPoint 2016. Now it is time to create some SmartArt’s. So as an example first I will make a process SmartArt in which I will show the three stages of life. Birth-Adult-Death. We will express this word in a SmartArt that give a complete sense. In this article, I will use some SmartArt’s as an example for more clarification.

First, go to the SmartArt lists and then click on the “process” option where you can find many SmartArt that show the process of something. So I have chosen mine. You can choose any of the process SmartArt. Once you select any SmartArt then you can write in the SmartArt. Now we have some amazing SmartArt that we can insert the picture in them. You can see in the picture below that in the first box we can insert a picture and in the second box, there is a text. This is the beauty of using SmartArt in your presentation or in your documents. Now it is your turn to create some serious SmartArt for your project.

Picture SmartART
Picture SmartArt

Create A cycle SmartArt

Well, here I will show another amazing SmartArt that is the “Cycle SmartArt”. We can express many things with the cycle SmartArt. For example, we can show the water cycling, our life cycling, and more examples.

Select any of the cycling SmartArt then you can write anything that you want. You can see the following picture if it can create an idea in your mind. in the following SmartArt, you can see the first water changes into the air and then it changes to rain and again to water that is a process of water. You have to think that according to your presentation what you can cycle.

Process SmartArt
Process SmartArt

Creating Hierarchy SmartArt

This is one of the best SmartArt I have ever seen. We can use this SmartArt for telling the branches of something. for example, we can introduce the (tenses) with its kind. Also, we can make our family branch by the hierarchy SmartArt. In this kind of SmartArt’s, we have a text for the title and the rest of the boxes are for the kind or types of the title. Of course, we can write our team leader at the first box then the rest in the other boxes. Well, there are many kinds of hierarchy SmartArt. We can add branches to any of the hierarchy SmartArt just by copying it and pasting in the same place. This SmartArt look really amazing to describe such things. Look at the following picture and you can see the amazingness of this SmartArt.

Hierarchy SmartArt
Hierarchy SmartArt

This is just a simple hierarchy SmartArt, we can make many other stylish and beautiful projects and slide with it.

Create Amazing SmartArt

After we insert a SmartArt it is important to make it look good. Because a good looking thing catches the eyes of the audience. As I told you at the first that we can edit or format the font, color, and the shape of the SmartArt itself. After we insert a SmartArt then we will see two new tabs. From these tabs, we can format the shapes or the SmartArt. Also, there are two kinds of formatting.

  1. Coloring:

Coloring only changes the color of the SmartArt. For example, we can choose the (Colorful, accent1, accent 2, accent3, and more). Accent are the types of color but they are smoother than the colorful color. When we want to color from the (Design tab of SmartArt tools) then after clicking on one of the colors then it will change all the colors of the shapes at once. Look at the following picture it is just an example of coloring with the (Design Tab).

Coloring with Design tab of SmartArt tool
Coloring with Design tab of SmartArt tool

There is another tab of SmartArt tools. (Format Tab) from the format tab, we can individually select the shapes of the SmartArts and color the outline, shape fill, shape styles and shape effects. From the Format tab, we can format or color the shapes better than the (Design tab of SmartArt tools). Look at the following Pictures for more Clarification of the effects and styles.

Creating SmartArt
Format Tab Coloring
  1. Styles:

Styling the shape is different from coloring it. When we talk about the style of any shape then it means the rotation of it and the 3d graphics for the shapes. We can select different angle and rotation from the SmartArt Style Group. When we color a shape correctly then the 3-D rotations and graphics make it look best.


This article is about creating SmartArt and kinds, usages, and formatting. There are many other things remaining that I can tell in this article like editing texts of the shapes, adding and deleting the boxes of the SmartArts. I write another post in the future about SmartArt Editing and Formatting. I hope the above information was informative for all of you. Subscribe to us with your Email Address and we will inform you when we post a new article.
Put a comment below the post if you have any question regarding this article (Creating SmartArt). Also, provide us a feedback about this article we will be happy hearing from you all.

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