Customizing PowerPoint Templates as our wish

by Ali June 1, 2017 at 8:58 am

In this article, we are talking about customizing PowerPoint templates as our own. It means that we will learn how to customize the templates that exist in PowerPoint. Whenever we change the color, font, effect, and background style we call it template customization. There are many templates in PowerPoint that have good background graphics but don’t have the interesting color. We can choose any template and then customize it as our own. Instead of making another template for your work you can just select a template and design it as your own. In the case of designing or customizing PowerPoint template we also have the slide master option. in the slide master, we could customize every single thing but we cannot do such from design tab.

Three are many differences between the slide master and customization from design tab. For example, we cannot insert a picture from the design tab as a background of the slide. There are fewer options for customizing PowerPoint templates in design tab rather than the slide master tab. See all the differences in the following table.

Slide Master Customization Design tab
Can add a placeholder like, text boxes Cannot add a placeholder
Can move background graphic anywhere Cannot do such
Can move the Footer Cannot do such
Select Picture for the slide Background Cannot do such

With these much fewer options that exist in the design tab still, we can customize perfect. The thing that you have to focus on is the coloring and choosing the right text for the template. This time for showing you all I will customize the frame template that exists in the template gallery of PowerPoint 2016.

Customizing PowerPoint templates with the Design Tab

Step1.First of all, go the design tab of PowerPoint then from the themes group select any template you like. I choose the Frame template to show the coloring better. After selecting any template to find the variants group of the Design tab.

Customizing PowerPoint Templates
Customizing PowerPoint Templates

Step2.Once you find the variants group you could see some different coloring of the same template. The colors are different but the font and the background graphics are the same as the first one. There are some four options in the variants group such as color, font, effect, and background styles. Each of them helps us in customizing PowerPoint templates better.

Variants Group PowerPoint 2016
Variants Group

Using all four options for Customization


The coloring is one of the most helpful and effective options in Customizing PowerPoint templates. That is because it makes the templates look good if we select the right color. The variants group colors are somehow beautiful but if we want we can add our colors to the template by clicking on the customize color option.

Color in PowerPoint 2016

When we click on the option a new window will appear. From this window, we can select or choose the color that we want. Also with choosing the template color, we can select a color for the template text. You may get confused with many options for colors but you can see the changes at the right side of the window.

Color Customization in PowerPoint 2016
Color Customization


As the color, we can also choose the font of the template. There are several fonts in the font option but if you didn’t like them you can customize the font also. For that, you have to install some font before customization. Click on the customize font option.
After clicking a new window will appear from which you can select any font you want. Once you have selected the font then click on the save button on the window. It will be saved as a custom font in the font lists.

Amazing Font for template in PowerPoint 2016
Selecting Font


We can guess its ability from its name. when we click on any of the effects it will bring minor changes on the template. Some of the effects will bring changes to the Background graphic. Some will add more graphics to the template. For example, if you click on the Riblet effect then you will see some round shapes with the line on the template. every effect has its own changes.
Note: The Effect ability will change with the template. Every time the effect is not the same.
you can learn about the Format Background option from here.

Effects for template in PowerPoint 2016
Effects for template


I wrote this article to make understand those people who want to customize the templates that they like and need. I hope you have understood something from this article. (Customizing PowerPoint template)
let me know if you have any question about this article I will gladly answer your questions. Also, provide us a feedback about this article.
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