How to Design Professional PowerPoint Templates

by Ali August 4, 2017 at 3:14 am

In this article, I will teach you all how to design Professional PowerPoint Templates but before you need some explanation. In Microsoft PowerPoint, there are many templates ready to use. You may use the templates that are in Microsoft PowerPoint template gallery. Whenever the PowerPoint templates don’t suit your presentation then you have to create your own template. So before we move to design Professional PowerPoint templates let me introduce and provide little information about the template.

Templates are designed and formatted slides that are ready to use. Most of the templates in template gallery of PowerPoint are simple but still very attractive.  We can customize or design the PowerPoint templates. We can change the color, font, background styles and more. I think you all have gotten much about the templates, now let go to design professional PowerPoint Templates.

Needed Stuffs

So for making a template, you need some contents like pictures, logo, icons, text, and some other extra stuff. First of all, you need one landscape picture. You have to try to download the best quality pictures for the slide. You may download the picture from the google image or you may visit our recommended sites.

Recommended sites

Shutter stock: this website is the world of picture and photography. You can find any kind of picture from here like nature, jungle, skyscraper, building, sea, oceans, beach, house, animals and more. The picture I recommend for designing a template is building the picture, skyscraper, men/women describing something. click here to visit the Website.

Pinterest: Pinterest in another website that you can find many best quality images from. City lights, beautiful places, traveling and more are the categories of the images in the website. Click here and you will be directed to the place from where I download pics most of the time.

Download some best and tidy fonts for the template because font really affects the beauty of the template. Once you download the image and the font you can find the other stuff in the PowerPoint.

Design Professional PowerPoint Templates

So there are few steps that you have to follow to design the template. The template that I am going to create today is very easy but attractive. PowerPoint beginner can also create the template. So let move to the steps to design Professional PowerPoint templates.

Step1. First of all, insert a blank slide and delete all the content like text boxes Then insert the picture. After inserting the picture remember that the blank slide must be completely covered by the picture. For more clarification, you may see the following picture.

Insert picture and cover the slide with it
Insert picture and cover the slide with it

Step2. After inserting the picture and covering the slide you have to insert a rectangle shape. Go to the insert tab and then find a rectangle shape and then the shape should Cover the Picture Completely. Fill the shape with any color you like. So you may think why we should cover the picture with a rectangle shape. you will get the answer in a few seconds. When you cover the picture then right click on anywhere of the shape and find Format Shape option and then click on.

Cover the picture with a rectangle shape
Cover the picture with a rectangle shape

Step3. By clicking on the format shape option a new panel will appear at the right side of the window. From the panel, you have to manage the transparency of the shape. I recommend you to set the transparency level to 50 or 40 percent. It is the answer to the question in the second step.

Format shape
Format shape

Step4. Now you have to add some text boxes on the shape and write down something in the text boxes. Insert 2 or three text boxes in the slide. You may also add more text boxes but the slide will be too much stuff. Look at the following picture for more clarification.

Add text boxes and (PNG) logo…

Step5. For adding more looks to the slide you can use the rectangle shapes like me. You may add the shapes at the corner of the slide. after adding the shape adjusting the transparency will help your template looks better. Look at my template in the following picture.

Design Professional PowerPoint Templates
Adding other Shapes


All the article was about how to design professional PowerPoint Templates. The PowerPoint beginner users can also create such easy and attractive templates. Put a comment down below and rate the template from 1 to 10. Also, mention your questions about the article. We will be happy hearing from you all.

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