Designing the Table in PowerPoint 2016

by Ali November 16, 2016 at 7:48 am

When you insert a table then two new tabs will be open at the last of the tab ribbon. The first tab is Design Tab and the second one is the Layout tab. We could see this tabs only when we have opened a table.
The design tab has different options and features than the layout tab.
Note: We have two (Design) tab don’t mix. The Design tab that appears when we click on a table is one of the table tools.

Design Tab

From this tab, we can apply colors like gradient, standard colors, texture, and pictures. You can select the color for the individual cells, for the complete row and for the table itself. We also have cell effect, we can apply shadow effect and table reflection for the table we have inserted.
Border also can be applied from this tab. Applying border has also many options: border for the top row, bottom, left, right, outside borders, all table and more. Managing the border size and color is also one of the important features.

PowerPoint 2016 Border Option
Border Options

For writing with style in the table we have Quick Style in the Design tab. There are varieties of designs in this tab. Quick styles are actually the designed text that we can use in the emergency times. We also have the Text Effects option in this tab, we can give shadow, reflection, glow and some more options.

PowerPoint 2016 Quick style
Quick style Options

There are also two useful and important features Draw Table and Erase. We can Draw lines in the table columns and we can create a new table by Draw Table option. Erasing line and borders between two cells is one of the options that Erase can do.

PowerPoint 2016 Draw table Design Tab
Draw table and erase

Layout Tab

In the Layout Tab, there are at least seven group and all are for the table size, columns size, and table management. There are many options in this tab, the following are the samples.
Align the table to right , center, left, top middle, bottom middle and more. Distribute or increase the size of columns and rows. Changing the size of the width and length. If we have many tables we can send them backward or bring forward and we can group or ungroup them.
We have a group in this tab for text, from there we can rotate the text and align them to different places.

Microsoft PowerPoint Layout Tab
Layout Tab

If you have any question about the Design Tab and Layer Tab, ask in the comment box below.



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