Differences Between Text Boxes of Microsoft Office

In this article, I will talk about the differences of all the text box in four essential programs of Microsoft Office. The Programs are Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Excel 2016. I will talk about the text boxes in Microsoft word 2016, Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, and Microsoft Excel 2016. The three programs of Microsoft Office have the text box tool. Word, PowerPoint, Excel have the text box tool. Well, there are some differences between the text boxes in the Microsoft Office programs. For example, text boxes in Microsoft word 2016 are more different and changed than the text boxes of PowerPoint 2016. From the four essential programs, Access doesn’t have the text box tool. First of all, I want to explain and share some information about the text box itself.

Text Boxes

Text boxes give you the control over the text that you write in, you can move it to anywhere. The text boxes are like the shapes. the text boxes shapes are mostly rectangle. Whenever you cannot write something at anywhere so you can use the text box. One of the specialties of a text box is that you can move it to anywhere of the page but if you write on the page directly you are not able to move it. There are ways to move by copying and pasting it but it is a little bit hard to maintain it to the correct positions. You also can insert shapes and Pictures in the text boxes.

The text boxes in Microsoft word 2016 are very helpful for creating a quick cover page and any other needed documents. Adding text boxes in Excel 2016 also help us with the placing of the correct text in the correct position. A text box can be placed at anywhere even beside the header of the project or beside and cell. So I think that you have gotten much about the text boxes now let’s differentiate the text boxes of the three essential Microsoft office programs.

Text Box of Microsoft Word 2016

A text box in Microsoft word 2016 is very useful because most of the work is with the texts and the pictures. In Microsoft Word 2016 there are many kinds of the text box but you cannot see them in any other Office Programs. The text boxes are not just for a specific place. There are text boxes for the top of the document, right side, left side and finally, you can place it as your wish. The text boxes in the other programs like PowerPoint and Excel are different from this reason. Whenever we use the text box or insert one then a new tab will appear and from the tab, you can edit and format the text box shape and style. You may change the outline color and format the text in the shape.

Without all these features of the text boxes in Microsoft Word 2016 you also can add the text effects like shadow, reflection, 3-d Rotations, glow, bevel and transform. With these many features, I can say that text boxes in Microsoft word 2016 are the best. There are many other usages that I will show in any other articles in the future.  The following are the names and action of the text boxes that exist in Microsoft Word 2016.

Text Box Work
Simple text Box It is simple with no formattings and designs.
Austin Quotes Two bold line on the top and bottom of the written text. (Recommended to use)
Austin sidebar A long text box. From the top to the bottom of the page.
Banded quote The color of the text is bold.
Banded Side bar Same as the Austin side bar but with the color differences.
Facet quote Pull quote with geometric accent graphic

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Text Box of Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

The text box in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 is totally different from text box of Microsoft Word 2016. You can only see one design of the text box and that is the simple text box. You may design and format the text box. By applying the shape styles and theme styles you can format and design the text box. So totally I can say that text box in PowerPoint has small differences with the text box of Microsoft Word 2016 and that is the design.  The following picture is a sample of the text box in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.

Text boxes in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016


Text box of Microsoft Excel 2016

The text box of Microsoft Excel is same as in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. You can move the text box at anywhere in the Excel spreadsheet. For designing the text box, you have to apply the theme styles and text styles. You may also use the text effects and the shape borders. This all was about the text box of four essential programs of Microsoft Office.


This article was all about the text box and the difference in four essential programs of Microsoft Office. I hope you got something from the article. Put a comment below and mention those usages of the text box that I have missed. Ask you questions about any of the Microsoft Office programs.

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