How to Download Add-ins in Microsoft Word 2016?

by Ali November 3, 2017 at 2:16 pm

In this article, I will show how to download add-ins in Microsoft Word 2016. Downloading add-ins is very easy in any of Microsoft Office programs like PowerPoint, Access, Excel, and others. I know that most of you do not know what an add-in is. I will explain it later but I can say that add-ins are like widgets that we add on our websites. There are many types of add-ins in Microsoft Office 2016. Most of Microsoft Office users do not know about add-ins and if you are one of those then you must read this article carefully. Without wasting time lets, go through answering the question (What are Add-ins?)

In addition, this feature is not available for office 2007 and other lower versions. Check out the video tutorial if you do not want to read the article.

Add-ins are like widgets that people use on their website to add more features to their website. Most of the time when we download add-ins it will appear like a panel at the right side or at the left side of the window. The add-ins can be for downloading arts, downloading pictures, or it can be a complete app where you can share your ideas about pictures or slides. I hope you have gotten much about what add-ins are. In this article, I will download one of the add-ins, which is called PicKit Free Images. With the help of this add-ins, you can add different pictures with very high quality which are mostly related to PowerPoint. I mean the size of the pictures and the quality is somehow computable with the size of the slides. Follow these easy steps to add add-ins to Microsoft Word 2016.

Download add-ins in Microsoft Word 2016

There are few steps to follow to download or insert the add-ins. There is one condition for downloading or inserting add-ins. You have to log in to your Microsoft Office account so that you can download. Check out this article for creating Microsoft Office account. Create if you do not have one.

Step1. Go to the Insert tab of Microsoft Word 2016 and find the add-ins group. There are other few options in the group like store or Wikipedia. You can also insert information from the Wikipedia and you may download add-ins. Click on Store or MY ADD-INS.

Download Add-ins in Microsoft Word

Step2. After you click on any of the options I named a new window will appear. You can search for add-ins if you already know one or you may just scroll down to see some recommended add-ins. You can search add-ins. There are some other funny add-ins like emoji keyboard, which you can download it for PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. You will see a download button at the side of the add-ins, just click on that and click next next-next. You may read what they say about the add-ins if you want to.

Download Add-ins in Microsoft Word
Add-ins store

These were the steps to download add-ins. I am sure it has been easy for everyone.

Where do I find downloaded add-ins?

It is a very good question because after we install the add-ins we will close the window. The add-ins will not appear automatically after you re-open Microsoft Word. You have to go to the Insert tab and from the same place click on my add-ins; you will see every add-in you had installed before. Just click on them and it will appear.

Conclusion (Download add-ins in Microsoft Word 2016)

The whole article was about inserting or adding add-ins in Microsoft Word 2016. Add-ins are like plugins or widgets that people use on WordPress websites. I hope the article helps you a little bit. Put a comment below the article and ask your questions about Microsoft Word 2016.

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