How to Download Microsoft word 2016 templates

by Ali July 16, 2017 at 5:26 am

In this article, I am going to show you how to download Microsoft Word 2016 templates. As all of you know that templates are very important for making a document. whenever we use a template related to our title our document will look great and amazing. For example, if you want to make a birthday card then download a birthday card template and then edit the address and other information. The size of the paper will be for a birthday card. Read the following paragraph those who don’t know what is a template?


Templates are the designed pages which you can use it in your documents. Using Templates can save your time because the templates are designed pages. In Microsoft Word 2016 there are thousand online and some offline templates. When you insert a template you can change the picture and the other information’s like phone number, date, and address. For example, if you want to make an advertisement page for an Academy then insert a template which must suit the advertising purpose then edit it. You can find the templates in the start menu of the Microsoft word 2016.

I think you have gotten something about the templates now let move to download Microsoft word 2016 templates. Downloading templates and inserting will be at once. there are few steps to download Microsoft word 2016 templates follow them below.

Download Microsoft Word 2016 templates

Step 1: As I told before that you can download templates from the start menu of the Microsoft word 2016. You will see a search bar on the above of the page. Once you find the search bar search anything you want. For example, if I need a template for a birthday party then I will search “Birthday”.

Download Microsoft word 2016 Templates
Search Template Name

Step 2: After the search results appear you can click on any of them and they will be downloaded and inserted into the document. Once the template appears you can change the picture place or change any of the information that exists on the template. they were the two steps of “How to Download Microsoft Word 2016 Template”.

Download the Template
Download the Template

Like these, you can download and insert many other templates from the start menu.

Once you download and insert the template then the template will remain in the start menu because we have downloaded it. There are templates for business, advertisement, letters, resumes, and job applications.

If you have urgent works, then I recommend you all use the templates of Microsoft word 2016. The templates save our time.

Websites to download Microsoft Word 2016 Templates

Now I will introduce some websites that we can also download templates from there. So there are many websites but the most important and famous are the followings. You can download Microsoft word 2016 templates free and with money.

    • you can find thousand themes and templates
    • can sort the popular, free and undiscovered templates
    • you may find any template like wedding card, love letter, Christmas card and more
    • Click here to visit the website.
    • For visiting the website click here on the link
    • From here you can find help for Microsoft Office programs
    • There are many useful articles and tutorials.
    • Finally, you can download templates and themes from here.
    • Click here to visit the website.

The above websites are for downloading templates for Microsoft word 2016. You may visit them and find the template you want. I am sure you will find the template you want.


All of the article information is about the templates and downloading templates and I hope you have learned something from this article. Put a comment below and ask your questions regarding the article and Microsoft word 2016. I will be happy answering you all. Also, provide us a feedback.

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