How to Earn Money by Posting Videos and Playing games?

by Ali December 24, 2017 at 3:51 pm

In this article, I am going to show you all how to earn money by posting videos and playing games? There are many apps that pay you for uploading videos, doing surveys. Earning money online has become so easy that everyone gets get enough money from the apps and websites. Today I will introduce two apps that really pay money. Those who know about online surveys they earn real money because by doing every survey they get $35 minimum. Every survey take 5 to 10 minutes and they ask really easy questions. I would recommend you to sign up surveychoice and Vindale to make lots of money. There are other easy ways to earn money from uploading videos not on YouTube but on Hypstar. Hypstar is an app which you can download and log-in with your account, I will explain later.

There is a great way to earn money from playing games, those game lovers who spend most of their time on playing the game can earn money. An app called AppLike pays money when you install games and play them.

Both of the apps that I mentioned pay you on PayPal.

Watch the video tutorial if you are not interested in reading. The video is at the end of the article.

How to Earn Money by Posting Videos and Playing games (Hypstar)

Hypstar is an app that recently became so popular because most of the people earn lots of money just from uploading a 15 sec video. The video that is entertaining and funny or workouts will get the most flame here. Most of the Hypstar users are Indians. You can download Hypstar from Android play store and Apple’s app store. This app has got a 4.2 rating in Android play store. You can sign in with your Facebook Id. The more flames you got the more money you will earn.

I recommend you to post entertaining video, funny videos, dancing videos to get more flames. without earning money you can watch other’s entertaining videos. You can follow and others can follow you.

Earn Money from Playing Games (AppLike)

Those who always spend their time on playing games now can earn money. If you want to earn money by playing games then download the AppLike app on your mobile and download the game that they pay for.  In AppLike you have to collect mc coins. You can sell the coins to get money or rise it up to get more rewards. You can collect rewards from $5 to $20. Becoming a millionaire is not possible but you can get enough money and it is a great use of time too. At first, there are few games then when you raise your level up then you could install new games.

This app pays with PayPal. Click here to create a free PayPal account from your mobile phones.

Conclusion (How to Earn Money by Posting Videos and Playing games)

The whole article is about how to earn money by posting videos and playing games. There are two useful apps that we can earn money from uploading our videos and playing games. Hypstar and Applike are the new apps that pay money. I hope you liked the article, put a comment below the article and ask your questions about Android and share your opinions about these apps

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