How to Edit Animations in PowerPoint 2016

by Ali June 2, 2017 at 9:19 am

In this article, I will teach you all, how to edit animations in PowerPoint 2016? All of you may not know that we can also edit the animations as the content of a slide. Animations are the effects the can make the presentation interesting. There are many animations in PowerPoint 2016 that we can edit them like entrance, emphasis, exit and motion paths. Some people might think that what is the need for editing the animations. I am sure they will get their answer after reading this article. I will select four animations from each part and then I will edit and explain them. For example, I will select an Entrance animation and then I will edit it from anywhere that is Possible.

Before I show you how to edit animations in PowerPoint 2016,  first you have to learn how to add an animation. I have written an article for this also. Click on the link and you will be directed to the article. Click here.

Some Information about the Animation

Animations are set of effects that we can apply on the objects like pictures, shapes, text, tables and more. There are four kinds of animations in PowerPoint 2016 such as entrance, emphasis, exit and motion paths. In PowerPoint 2002/XP the animations were improved and were divided into four groups. The groups were entrance, emphasis, exit and motion paths. In the other versions before 2002, the Microsoft PowerPoint animations were too less. The basic animations in the earlier versions were Fly in, Appear, and dissolve. The animations were used to create movie or games. Today we can use it in many ways. For example, we can create the books, projects, movies, and more.

The transitions are similar to the animations but there are some differences. For example, the transition is for the slide only but the animation is for the slide contents only. Both transition and animation are great and are very useful for making a presentation or a project. We can edit the animations but we cannot edit the transitions.

Effect options in PowerPoint 2016

This part is not a part of the animation editing. I wrote it for more information.
Insert and object and then go to the Animation tab of PowerPoint. From the animation gallery, you can choose any animation you want. I will select and entrance animation this time. If you didn’t like the animation in the gallery you can find more by click on the option that exists at the end of the gallery. For more entrance animations, then click on more entrance animation. If you need other kinds, there is the option. you can see the instruction in the following picture.

Select Animation in PowerPoint 2016
Select Animation

After you select an animation at the right side of the animations gallery there is Effect Options. From here you can select the direction of the animation. For most animations, the options are from the bottom, from the top, from left and from the right. The options changes with the animation you select. Every time the effect options are not same. Some of the animations don’t have the effect option such as swivel, bounce, underline, teeter, lighten, darken, desaturate, and more.

Effects in PowerPoint 2016
Effect Options

Some animations have lots of effect options and the animations are usually the line and motion path animations.

Edit animations in PowerPoint 2016

After selecting any animation for an object the animation panel will light up or will turn on. For editing the animation, you have to click on the animation pane. Animation pane exists in the advanced animation group of the animation tab. In the animation, all of the animation will appear. From the animation pane, you can control every animation that has been applied to any object.

Animation Pane in PowerPoint 2016
Animation Pane

When you open the animation pane find the animation you want to edit then double click on the animation. When you click on the animation a new window will appear. There are three tabs in the same window. The tabs are timing, effect, text animation. Now I will explain each of them individually to know better.

Effect Tab

From the Effect tab, you can manage the direction of the animation. Managing the direction of the animation is just like the effect option that I told in the above paragraph.
you can apply a sound on the animation. The most amazing option that I mostly like it is managing the text animation. You can select by word option, by letter, and all at once. I will give an example. If you select by letter option, then the animation will be applied on the letters individually and one by one. If you select all at once then the animation will apply on all of them at once.
the effect tab options will change with the selection of the animation. If you select a line animation, then the option will be different than the option that will appear selecting an entrance animation. You can figure it out from the following picture.

Effect Tab in PowerPoint 2016
Effect Tab

Timing and text animation tab

From the timing tab, we can fix and change the timing of the animation. You can manage the delay between the animation. For example, when an animation end then after the 2-second delay the next should be played. You can manage the repetition of the animation.

edit animations in PowerPoint 2016
Timing Tab

From the text animation tab, we can manage the timing of the animations. we manage the timing that in how many second the animation should end. When you higher the time the animation will end that quickly but if you low the timing the animation will end that slow. The normal speed is 0.5.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 tutorials
Timing Tab


I wrote this article(Edit animations in PowerPoint 2016) for those Microsoft PowerPoint users that didn’t know about editing the animation. If you got something from this article, please give us a feedback in the comment. If you have a question fell free to ask about the article. (Edit animations in PowerPoint 2016)

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