Edit Motion Path Animations in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

by Ali March 6, 2017 at 3:26 am

In this article, you will learn how to add and edit the motion path animations in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. As we all know that we have many kinds of animations in Microsoft PowerPoint like motion path, entrance, emphasis, exit. Lines animations are one of the most used animations in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. there are many motion path animations and the goodness is here that we can edit the animations. Motion path animations are like line, curved lines, circles, triangles, and many other shapes. In this article, I will show you ways to edit and add some amazing and serious motion path animations to the presentation. So let’s get started.

How to add motion path animations?

First of all, create your presentation or you can also add some pictures, shapes, or text then select the any of the things you insert. For example, you can select a text or a picture then go to the animation tab of Microsoft PowerPoint. When you reach the tab find the animation group and open the list of animations that exist in the group. Go and find the Motion path animations. The animations are below the (exit) animations.

motion path animations
Select text or object

When you find the motion path you can see there are only six animations don’t be shocked other motion paths are somewhere else. You can choose any of the six animations in the list. At the bottom of all the animations, there are some four extra options. There are options like (more entrance effects, more emphasis effects, more exit effect, more motion paths). Now from the four options click on the more motion paths. After clicking on the option a small window will appear, in the window, you can see many motion paths. There are more than 50 motion paths that you can use in your presentation.

Motion paths
Motion paths

If you want to use any of the motion paths, then first select the object or text then click on any of the animations to apply to the text or object. Ok, so now that you have learned to add the motion paths now I will show you how we can edit the motion paths. Continue reading the next paragraph.

Edit the Motion paths

Once you have applied the animation to any content of the presentation then you will see the lines of the motion paths clearly. When you saw the lines then double click on the lines that appear on the presentation. By clicking on the line a new small window will appear. There are some options in that window. Before I explain the window options look at the following picture clearly for more clarification.

Edit motion path
Edit motion path

From this window, you can set the sound for the animation. we will hear the sound when we play the animation.

We can set the animation color when the animations are ending or going to end. You can set the option as your wish. There are some beautiful colors you can choose.

Another amazing option is moving the text with words, letter, or all at once. This options only works with the text. If we have a text contains many words, then moving the letter one by one will look more amazing rather than moving all at once or words.

We can set the timing of the animations. For example, we can play the animation by mouse click or automatically after another. Now it depends on your presentation and on you. From the same place, we can manage the repetition of the animation. We can repeat the animation two times or more than two times. We can repeat the animation till 10 times or till the next slide.

Set timing

Now there is the last information close the small window you can see the lines of the animation (right-click) on the line then two options will appear you have to click on the (edit points) option. After clicking you can change the shape of the animation itself.

Edit animation Points
Edit animation Points


As a circumstance, I couldn’t explain further the motion paths but I am sure that you all have gotten something from this article. Provide us a feedback if this article was helpful to you.
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