How to Edit YouTube Videos on Mobiles

by Ali January 11, 2018 at 4:45 am

If you are having a Youtube channel then you must read this article. Editing video before uploading is very important. If you cannot afford a laptop or a desktop then you can edit it on your mobiles, iPads, and tablets. There is an app with the name of YT studio which means youtube studio, in this app you can watch your all videos, edit them, see revenues and analytics. You can also reply to the comments from here. This app is just for YouTube management. You can open multiple YouTube accounts on your device and manage your channel videos. In this article, I will be talking and explaining how to edit youtube videos on mobiles. This app is for Android and iOS.

How to Edit YouTube videos on Mobiles (Explaining Importance)

As I said that you can open multiple accounts on this app, first when you download this app they will ask for your YouTube channel account. Yt studio is just like YouTube channel it has Dashboard, analytics, comments, setting, playlist, and videos. Let’s talk about each of them individually.

YT Studio for iOS
YT Studio

Dashboard: Dashboard contains analytics, comments, video, and your subscribers which is an overview of all the channel. The dashboard will help you access anything quickly and if you don’t want to go through the little things then use the dashboard. YT studio dashboard is same as the dashboard on Youtube.

How to edit YouTube videos on Mobiles

Comments: The comment section is one of the most important things for your channel, your daily viewers may share their problems in the comment section by answering them you will gain more subscribers and viewers. You can reply to the comment easily from here, the best part is you can reply from anywhere because you don’t have to carry laptop or desktop.

How to edit YouTube videos on Mobiles
Comment section

Analytics: Watching analytics is as important as replying to the comments. When you watch your analytics it will show that which kind of content gets more view and give you a better YouTube rank. Talking about YT studio and analytic section in the app, you can see views, revenue, discovery, audience, interactive contents (annotation).

The YT studio actually makes your work easy and faster. You can reply to the comment and watch revenue on your mobiles from anywhere, you don’t need to carry laptops or heavy stuff. You can also edit the video that is uploaded, you can add tags, remove tags, share video, write a description and change the title. I hope this article will help you to get known better with YT studio.

Conclusion (How to edit Youtube videos on Mobiles)

The whole article was about how to edit Youtube videos on mobiles. There is an app by the name of YT studio which is YouTube studio. With this app, you can see all important things on your youtube channel such as analytics, comments, views, revenue and more. You can also edit videos tags, title, description and more.

If you are having any question YT studio feel free to ask. watch the following video for more instructions. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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