File tab and file backstage view in Microsoft word 2016

by Ali January 6, 2017 at 10:27 am

We did study about the word interface and also we introduced Microsoft word. Today we will study about the file tab and file backstage view in Microsoft word 2016. While you click on the file tab then you will be directed to a new window. From the new window, you can perform important actions such as saving the document, printing the document, sharing and protecting the documents. Of course whenever you want to open a saved document then you have to check the “open” panel in the file tab. We can save the documents from this tab. All the above information’s are short continue reading to the end to know the complete usages of the tools and options that exist in the file tab.

File Tab

File tab is not like the other tabs in the ribbon. When you click on the file tab then you will be directed to a backstage view that we call that file tab backstage view. In the file tab we have, we have ten panels, in every panel, there are many options. As I told on the above the paragraph that we can perform many actions that we need repeatedly. For example, if you are working in a school then repeatedly you would need the print panel to print the papers. We will start introducing the panels from the top to the bottom.

The followings are the panels that exist in file tab backstage view.

  • Info
  • New
  • open
  • Save & save as
  • Print
  • Share
  • Export
  • Close

Info Pane

We can guess the specialty of this page by tis name. this pane gives us information about the document. The information is about the size, pages, name, and how many word and pages exist in the document. Also, it gives information about the author and when it was modified the last time. It also shows if there is any comment.

If you want that nobody should edit or add anything to your document, then you can protect your files from this panel. There is an option that you can protect your files.

Microsoft file tab backstage view
Info pane

The protection has many options that we will study in the further articles but I will explain one of the options. The option name is “Mark as a final” when you apply this option to your document then it will be protected. When someone else wants to edit it then he will receive a message. The message is “an author has marked this document as final to discourage editing”. By marking the document as a final again the other writer can edit the document by clicking on the option “edit anyway”. I will explain the other options in the other posts.

New pane

By clicking on the new panel the word start screen will appear from there you can open a new template or a new blank page. What is the template? Template is a designed and ready page for you to use. You can use the templates when you have urgent work. For example, if you want to send a business letter urgently then you can use the business letter template from the word start. we have many kinds of templates such as letter template, book cover, resume, business letter, event template and much more.

Microsoft word 2016
New Pane

Note: remember whenever you click on a template or a blank page then it will open a new window of Microsoft word.

Open panel

From this panel, you can open the saved document and also from one drive account. Whenever you have any work connected with the current work then you can directly open than a document from the current window. In this panel, we have many options that we can open the document by them. For example, we can browse and then select the document from the place. We can open the file that today we have worked on them and also the complete week files. Also, we can insert files from our one drive account. Click here to learn how to saves files in drive account.

Microsoft word 2016 tutorials
Open panel

Save and save us pane

Well, I count them as one panel because they are connected to each other. Almost both of the panels perform same actions. the two panes are for saving the document and the files. While your document is not saved from the first that you worked on then you may click on the save options but if you want to save it once again with the other name then you can click on save as. There are not many differences between the panel, both panels are for saving the document. The save shortcut is to press Ctrl + S to save the document.

Save & Save as

Print pane

The print pane is just for printing the papers or the pages. Before printing the paper or pages you have to manage the setting of the printer and printing option. There are some points that I will tell you that you have to check before printing the paper. First of all, choose the paper that you want to print. Second select the printer that is connected to your computer. Then at the last make sure how many papers you want to print. Of course, don’t forget to select the colors and the page size. For example, you can choose the a4 size for the test paper.

Microsoft word 2016
Print Pane

Share pane

We can use the share pane to send and share the document with others. For example, our teacher gave our group a project then I will the type the important information then I want to share it with the group members then we can use share pane. We can share the information by email, we can post on a blog and many other options. The share panel is an important panel for the office workers and for those who works with groups.

Microsoft word 2016
Share pane


The last option in the file tab is close. While you click on this option then the window will close if you have saved the file. If you click on close without saving the file, then you will get a notification window for saving it.

If you have any question regarding this article, then put a comment below the post. I will answer the question as soon as possible. Also tell me if I have missed any option from the file tab backstage view.


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