How To Fix Tweakbox Error On iOS 11.3 2018 for free

by Ali March 13, 2018 at 12:47 pm

In this article, I will show you how to fix tweakbox error on iOS 11.3 2018 for free. It used to be that, to modify your device and add new features and more functionality to the stock apps, you had to jailbreak your iOS device. In recent times, jailbreaks have become something of a scarcity, and it seems that we are going back to them is a bonus rather than an expectation. With the lack of usable jailbreaks, developers have been looking for other ways to get these modifications and the solution comes in the form of TweakBox.

Many YouTubers need to download hacked games to make their gameplay. Sometimes the error might be from the app itself because of some bugs but sometimes there might be your problem, I mean your phones setting. There is many settings need to be fixed on your device. When they are fixed you can download tweakbox for free.

TweakBox is the latest way to get Cydia tweaks onto your iOS device without needing to install a jailbreak first. This is useful considering the lack of jailbreak utilities right now and it is also great for those who just don’t want to jailbreak their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. TweakBox [ about ] is full of great features like Cydia, such as the ability to download premium apps and games, download third-party apps and modified games, amongst other things. Fix tweakbox error will not cost you too much time and by the way, it is an easy process.

TweakBox Features :

Quite apart from the main feature of not needing to jailbreak to get your favorite third-party apps, TweakBox offers no less than 5 different categories for users to choose from. This is the best feature of a tweakbox app:

  • can download paid apps for the free-form tweakbox app.
  • This app is compatible with any iOS and Android devices 2018.
  • Download apps that really should not be in the iOS app store.
  • Download all the latest paid and premium apps.
  • Get your favorite emulators, Music Apps, and so much more besides.
  • Can download tweakbox on iOS and Android.

How to fix tweakbox error on iOS 11.3 2018

Many times we all face the issue of downloading tweakbox. When we try to download it we get an error (can’t download). This error might be because of your phone or the own app. How you can know that the error is from the app, not your phone. Are you trying to download TweakBox and facing errors like Profile Installation Failed? We have a solution for these kinds of TweakBox errors during the download process. You cannot get TweakBox from the iOS app store because Apple won’t allow it. However, there are two separate methods for you to choose from to install TweakBox on your iOS device and you can find all the steps and download links in the linked article [ Download TweakBox ]. Follow the steps carefully and you can start modifying your device without fear of retribution from Apple and without needing to install that jailbreak.

Step #1. Turn off your phone, I mean it must be completely switched off. Let it for 5 minutes or maybe longer than that after that just turn on your phone and then try to download tweakbox. Sometimes there might be something wrong with your phone. When your Phone gets too much hot you cannot download anything or control your phone correctly. Just let your Phone cool down and then try to open your phone and do your work.

How To Fix Tweakbox Not Downloading Error On iOS 11.3 2018
Turn Off Your Phone

Step #2. Go to setting on your iOS device and then go to wifi and then refresh your wifi connection. Connect your Phone to your wifi and then try to download tweakbox. Sometimes the problems could be that it could not handle too many services from your phone. Wifi is also some kind of problems when you want to download something from the internet or play store.

How To Fix Tweakbox Not Downloading Error On iOS 11.3 2018
Connect to Wifi

Step #3. Go to setting, General and then tap date and time. Just fix your time according to your country time and or just make sure that you have turned on the (set automatically) button. Sometimes your date and time might be wrong cause of that you may have this error downloading this app. When your date and time is wrong you cannot download anything from the app store and network. Or you cannot watch videos on youtube on your phone.

How To Fix Tweakbox Not Downloading Error On iOS 11.3 2018
Fix Date And Time


It is the best and securest way to fix tweakbox error on iOS 11.3 2018 for free. Hope you people have gotten something from this article. I will try my best to find out as many goods articles as you want. This method might also work on any Android devices with any version. I will try to find a way to download. In addition, if you have any problem, suggestion or request you can say just by commanding in the command section. Thanks for being with us and do not forget to subscribe. Also, visit our website every day because we post new articles every day.

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