Food Presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

by Ali April 14, 2018 at 2:29 pm

Microsoft presentations are now used worldwide by teachers and students and powerpoint has become more famous and useful with Office 365. Creating presentations in PowePoint is flexible and easy. Everyone can create posters and presentations for anything. In this article, I am going to show you all how to create food presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. I will use the PowerPoint templates to create a food presentation in which I can give information about traditional foods food vitamins and food kinds. If you have not any idea about Template then read the following paragraph.

Templates are the designed slides that we can use. Most of the Templates contain 1-20 slides. There are not many slides if you are offline but many if you are browsing online. You can find almost any kind of presentation such as food presentation, business presentations, science presentations and more. As I said that powerpoint templates are not just for limited things it has a wide usage and lots of templates kinds. Click on the links to find out more about PowerPoint templates.

Food Presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

For creating a food presentation you can use the custom slides but I would recommend you To use a food template. Using the template will save your time and there are some beautiful slides in the templates that you might not design custom.

For inserting a food template go to the search bar of the template gallery and then search Food Presentation. Look at the following Picture if you do not have any idea of where to go.

First, Select One of the templates and then you will see a pop-up. Select create to and your presentation will load.

Create the template in PowerPoint 2016
Create the template

The second step, once your template is loaded go to the first slide and then replace the title with something like Kinds of food or Food Vitamins. Below the title, there is a subtitle in which you can write probably your name perhaps something related to your title. Have a look at the following picture.

Create Food presentation in PowerPoint 2016
First Slide
(Title plus Sub-Title)

The third step, in the second slide, you can tell what you are going to tell in the presentation or just start the presentation from Food kinds Food history or any other information about foods. As you can see in the following picture that I have directly started giving my information about food kinds. In addition, you can also insert some photos that are related to the slide information.


How to create a PowerPoint Presentation
Slide 2
(Food Kinds)

The fourth step, in this template, the third slide is a Bar Chart which we can use to show and compare the usages of food kinds. On another hand, you may also delete the slide and move to the next one if you do not want to use a chart.

Presentation about Foods in PowerPoint 2016
Slide 3
(Bar Chart)

The sixth step, in the fourth slide, you may add a country’s traditional food. As I have provided the pictures and the names of Australia’s traditional food according to You can copy mine if you are not so familiar with PowerPoint interface.

Food presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
Slide 4
(Traditional Foods)

Your next slide can be about how to make vegemite or how to make another delicious food. Perhaps you can add other information such as foods benefits, food minerals or something related to your presentation.

Food presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016Q
Slide 5
(Vegemite Recipe)

Finally, you can continue adding slides until your presentation is completed but there is an important slide you have to add at the end of all slides which is references. If you are copying someone’s content or pictures then you must add references. You have to add references if you have got your information from a website or an article. In addition, if you have used any books you can mention the book name if it cannot be found online. I am putting my references just like I have put it on a slide because I also have used the copyright pictures to create the slides. Below are my references. This is how easily you can create Food presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.


Picture 2 slide 2:

Picture 3 slide 4:

Picture 4 slide 4:

Conclusion (Food presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016)

The whole article is about how to create Food presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. You can use the same method to do other kinds of presentations. There are many kinds of PowerPoint templates that you can use. In addition, Use animations and transitions to make your Presentations more attractive. Put a comment in the comment section below the article and give a feedback about the presentation.






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