Format pictures in Microsoft word 2016

by Ali June 23, 2017 at 10:08 am

In this article, I am going to show you how to format pictures in Microsoft Word 2016. So it is obvious that everyone uses pictures and other objects in their document. The point is some people don’t know how to edit or format the picture in Microsoft Word 2016. For example, we can crop the picture in Microsoft word itself. Also, we can apply many design and formats to the pictures like color changing, brightness, picture border, shadow effects, and artistic effects. Here I will explain each option that is for formatting or editing pictures in Microsoft Word 2016. The options that I named exists in a specific tab by the name of Format Tab. I am sire you will like this article. Continue reading for learning amazing options and tips.

So there are two groups that we can use for formatting pictures. 1. Picture adjustment 2. Styles.

Picture adjustment: in this group, you can just change the color or manage the brightness of the picture. In addition, there are options like artistic effects and remove background which we can use for the editing and formatting pictures.

Picture styles: from this group you can add borders, shadow, reflection, glow, bevel, and 3-D rotations. Also, frame for the picture itself. At the last, there is one amazing option in this group by the name of picture layouts. You can insert the pictures in the SmartArt shapes.

Format pictures in Microsoft Word 2016 (Adjustment Group)

When you insert a picture then a new tab will open at the last of the tabs. That is the format tab. In the format, there are two groups that you can use for formatting the pictures. So here I will explain the (adjust) group. as I told you before that from here we can change the picture color, manage the brightness of the picture and apply artistic effects.

The first option in the adjustment group is the Remove background. By clicking on this option you will be directed to the new tab.

Remove background in Microsoft word 2016
Remove background

From this tab, you can mark the Areas to keep and mark the areas to remove. The areas that will remain after removing will be the picture color itself. The areas that will be removed is the pink colors. This tool works well with those pictures that the background is one color like completely blue, white, black, or any other color. At the last, you can discard all changes and you can save the picture as you edited.

Corrections: this tool is just for adjusting the brightness of the picture. You can sharpen and soften the picture. You can adjust the contrast and brightness.

Format Picture in Microsoft Word 2016
Color corrections

Color: the color changing is an amazing option that we can use for changing the color of the pictures. There are variant colors that you can use.

Color in Microsoft word 2016

Artistic effects: the effects are so amazing that you can use it in your document. The artistic effects are the light screen, pencil grayscale, glow edges, texturizer and more. Look at the following picture for more clarification.

Artistic effects
Artistic effects

Format picture in Microsoft Word 2016 (Styles Group)

In the Styles group, there are some amazing options like picture layouts, picture effects, picture border, and more. The picture effects are glow, shadow, bevel, 3-D rotations, soft edges and more. The tool that is amazing for me is the picture layout that I will explain later.

There is a gallery of the picture gallery that you can fit the picture in. Just click on them and it will be applied automatically. There is round shapes and rectangle with the borders. You see an example of the frames in the following picture.

Picture Frame
Picture Frame

Every object has the border option also the picture. The border makes the picture looks good and more amazing. So for inserting border click on the border option that exists in the style group. you can select the color of the border and the lines. I recommend you to set the borders with the large weight.

Picture Border
Picture Border

Picture effects are also in this group. you can try and see every effect that exists in the picture effect. There are effects like shadow, glow, 3-D rotations and more. reflection, shadow, and glow are the best options for formatting the picture. Now it is your time to apply the effect of the picture and learn the options and tools.

Picture Effects in Microsoft word
Picture Effects

The last option for formatting pictures is the picture layout. The picture layouts are like the SmartArt. In those SmartArt, we can insert the pictures and it looks so amazing and interesting. Whenever you apply any picture layout the object won’t be a picture anymore. that will be changed to the SmartArt.

Format pictures
Picture Layout

Note: Only if you double click on the picture you can edit the picture otherwise you cannot edit the picture after adding a picture layout.

Conclusion (Format pictures in Microsoft Word 2016)

I hope this article was helpful for you all. Write down a comment below and tell us about this article. Also, ask if you have any question regarding (Format pictures in Microsoft Word 2016) this article.

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