Freeze Panes in Microsoft Excel 2016

by Ali December 10, 2017 at 1:34 pm

In this article, I will show you all how to freeze panes in Microsoft Excel 2016. Freezing the first row and the first column in Microsoft Excel will help you to see all the information clearly under the headings or title. Most of the time people write the headings and title in the first row and first column so when they do not freeze the row and column after seeing some records they will not be able to see the headings of the records. Freezing the first row or column will help you see the first row and column even when you scroll to the last row or column. So if you are having the problem with seeing the first row after scroll down or moving to right then use the freezing feature to solve it. Read this article to find the solution.

If you do not have, any interest to read there is a video tutorial at the end of the article. You can watch it clearly.

Freeze panes in Microsoft Excel 2016

I have explained much in the first paragraph. I will directly start the steps to freeze the first column or the first row. Before getting into the steps, I recommend you to write something in the first row. You may write something like a heading, for example, Name, f/name, Class or something you want to put as a heading. You may also enlarge the first row and merge some columns to create a better space to write the title. Look at the following picture to get an idea.

Microsoft Excel 2016


Step1. Go to the view tab of Microsoft Excel and then find the window group. The freeze panes option is in the same group. Look at the following picture.

Freeze first row and first column
Freeze first row and first column

Step2. After you, find the options click on the second option to freeze the first row of the spreadsheet and click on the third option to freeze the first column. The first option is the normal view of the columns and rows. Look at the above picture for more instruction.

If you do not have a lot of records or information and you can see it without scrolling then you do not need to apply freezing feature. If you want to remove the freezing effect, then go to the same place and then click on the first option to remove.

Conclusion (Freeze panes in Microsoft Excel 2016)

The whole article is about how to freeze panes in Microsoft Excel 2016. Freezing panes will help to see all the records with the headings. You will be able to see those records with their heading that are on the third pages or higher if you use the freezing feature. I hope you liked the article. Comment your question on the article regarding this article. We will answer as soon as possible. Do not forget to watch the video tutorial and make sure to subscribe to my channel for more video tutorials.


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