How to Get free WiFi on iPhone X

by Ali January 7, 2018 at 1:19 pm

In this article, I am going to show you all how to get free wifi on iPhone x. Sometimes if you run out of data remember you can use others wifi free. Nowadays everywhere we go we need an internet connection and every home has a wifi. Free wifi is an app for Android and iOS that we can access others wifi with it. There are also several ways to find connections near you, for example, hacking the wifi but hacking other wifi is not legal and not acceptable. If you want to use others wifi with their permission so download free wifi app. Most of the people around the world have installed this app and have added their wifi and provided the passwords. We can use the wifi connections that are provided by the owners of connection.

I have explained more regarding the app, continue reading on how to get the app and find wifi nearby.
You may watch the video tutorial if you are are not interested in reading. The video is placed at the end of the article.

How to Get free WiFi on iPhone x

As I have told you all that we can get free access to wifi nearby without hacking. You can get free access to your nearby connection just by installing the free wifi app. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices. I have tried this app on iOS and Android device and this app works perfectly. You can also add your wifi to the app so that others can use it. Follow the following steps to install the app.

Step1. Go to the play store or App store and then search for Free Wifi. Tap on the app and install the app. Look at the following picture and make sure download the same app I have circled on the picture.

Free WiFi app
Free WiFi app

Step2. Open the app after installation is finished. Now turn your location on so that the app shows wifis that are available near you. Once you have turned the location on, you will see free wifi near you, the home sign is the wifi availability. Tap on the home sign and you will see the wifi password and wifi name. Look at the following picture for more clarification.

How to Get free WiFi on iPhone x
Free WiFi access/Location

You can add your wifi too if you want. This app is so helpful for the people and you because many time people as important works to do so you can help them. I hope you have gotten something from this article.

Conclusion (How to Get free WiFi on iPhone x)

The whole article is about how to get free WiFi on iPhone x. You can use your location services to find free wifi. The free wifi app is available for Android and also for iOS and the app works perfectly on both devices. Getting access to other wifi on this app is not illegal so you can use it without any tension. I hope you enjoyed getting the information, share your ideas if you have used this app before. Watch the following video and make sure to visit my YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe and like the videos.


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