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by Ali January 12, 2017 at 8:25 am

Well in the previous article we studied about the file tab backstage view. Today we will study about the home tab tools it will be a very lengthy post so be with me until the last. Home tab tools are as important as the rest of the tabs tools in Microsoft word. From the home tab, we can edit the texts and we can change the font of everything that exists in the page. The home tab we have many groups. We need the home tab tools in every single moment of editing the pages or the papers. As I told in the previous article that the groups like home tab and insert tab don’t differ much from the PowerPoint home and insert tabs. We have 5 group in this tab. The followings are the home tab tools and groups.

Home tab tools and Groups

  • Clipboard
  • Font
  • Paragraph
  • Styles
  • Editing

All of the above group works mostly on the text but the group like clipboard and paragraph also work with the objects like picture and charts. Today I will introduce and explain all of the options that exist in the groups. All of the home tab tools exists in these groups.

Clipboard Group

Well as I said that this group can work with the objects and the texts. From this group, we can copy, paste, and cut the texts and objects. Also, we have an another tool by the name of format painter.

Cut: when we want to cut something then we can use this option. this tool exists in the clipboard group. select an object or text then the option will turn on. Press Ctrl + x to cut the item and the texts.

Copy: we can guess from the name that this tool is for copying items and texts. First of all, select the text or the object then click on the copy tool to copy the item. Press Ctrl + c to copy the items and objects.

Paste: the paste option is turned on when you have cut or copied an item or an object and you want to paste it somewhere. We have many options in the paste tool such as paste special and keep the text only. Paste special paste the copied item but you can copy the item in different types such as HTML, picture, unformatted text and some more options. When you copy/cut the designed or formatted item then if you on the paste option then it will copy just the same design and format. You can use the paste special in the same cases. Press Ctrl + p to paste the copied/cut item.

Format Painter: the format painter tool is a very useful tool in this group. whenever you want to copy the design of a text or an item you can use the format painter tool. Select the designed text or object then click on format painter, when it copies the design then click on the text to object that you want to design.

Font Group

Well in this group we have many tools but all are for the text editing and formatting. In this group, there is a font list from where you can select any font for any text. The fonts that are installed in the system will be shown on this list. Whenever we install a font in the system, word will automatically add the text in the font list. Besides the font list, we have a capital and a small (A) character. If you click on the capital letter, then the size of the text will increase but by clicking on the small letter the size will decrease.

From this tab we can bold, italic, underline the text. In this group, there is a tool by the name of the strike through. We can use the tool to cross the word. As in PowerPoint, we had the change cases tool we have the same tool in Microsoft word. As an example, I can name the lowercase that all the word character is in small letter and the uppercase that all the character is capital.

Beside the Change case, we have clear all formatting tool. We can use this tool when we want to change a designed text to the normal text. It clears all the formatting’s from the word. It can clear all the formattings without the highlight color.

Highlight colors: the highlight colors cannot be removed; you can only change the highlight color to the white color to remove the highlight.

Colors: we can apply different colors such as gradient and full colors to the texts from this group.

Text formatting and typography: another great tool that exists in the font group. we can apply shadow, reflection, outline, glow and much more. We will study more about the options later.

Paragraph Group:

Actually, this group is for the paragraph or the whole page. For example, you can start the paragraph from the right hand or the left hand. We can manage the space between the lines of the paragraphs.

In the paragraph group, we have a very useful tool that is the border. We can apply border at anywhere of the paragraph. When you click on the border then you will see many options. For example, bottom border, top border, left border, right border, inside border, horizontal border, all border, and no border. The border is not just for the page and the texts we can also apply the border on the tables, pictures, and shapes.

Border in Microsoft word 2016

We have bullets in this group. bullets are very useful when you want to write a list of something by sequence then we can use bullets. Bullets have many shapes such as the dot, tick mark, circle and more. In addition, we also have the numbering library. We can use the numbering library like the bullets.

Bullets in Word 2016

We can manage the place of the paragraph or the objects. For example, I can place a paragraph in the middle, right, and left. Also, we can manage the space between the word of the paragraph. It was a short information about the paragraph group.

Style Group

In this group, we have a style list for the text paragraphs or the word. For example, I can make a word heading and the rest should be the content that exists in the heading. we can convert a word to the heading. the heading sequence is till eight headings. We can change the data type to normal text, emphasis and more. You can create your own test style.

We also have the clear formatting option in this group.

Editing Group

The editing group is also one of the home tab tools. It is the last group in the home tab. In this group, we have 3 tools. The tools are found, replace, and select.

Find: if you want to find a word from the page or any paragraph then you can use this option. click on this then a new window will appear. In the search box write the word then click on the find next to find the text or the word.

Replace: this option has not much difference with the find. After opening the new window write the word, when it found the word below that write the word that you want to replace. When it is done then click on the replace to replace the words.

Select: we can select anything that exists on the page. For example, we can select an object like table, picture, chart. we can select all the items at once. Also, we have a selection panel, from here we can hide and unhide the items and the objects.

home tab tools in word 2016

It is the selection pane. Click on the eye to hide and unhide the items.


I hope this article may have helped you and I hope that you have learned anything about file tab tools. If you have any interest in PowerPoint click here to start PowerPoint home tab tools. Ask your question by putting a comment below the article. Comment if I have missed any of the tools and options. Thanks for being with us. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.


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