How to Add Grammarly on Microsoft Word 2016?

by Ali January 22, 2018 at 9:40 am

In this article, I am going to show you all how you can add Grammarly on Microsoft Word 2016. As you all know that Grammarly has gone viral in this few years and everybody is using it to send social messages, emails without any mistake. Grammarly helps us to rectify our grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes while writing something. It is also a great tool for bloggers and those who post on social media. Grammarly performs these actions when we add it to Microsoft Office. Grammarly helps us a lot with rectifying out grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes. Rectifying our grammatical and spelling mistakes has never been this easy. Let’s move through the steps of how to add Grammarly on Microsoft Word 2016.

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How to Add Grammarly on Microsoft Word 2016

Grammarly is just like the extension that we add on Google Chrome. First of all, we have to download the Grammarly version that supports Microsoft Office 2016 then we can install Grammarly. We can download Grammarly from its website. Visit Grammarly website:
It is the direct download link.

Step 1. Once it is downloaded open the setup.
Step 2. Start installing the application. This version of Grammarly is only for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word 2016. Look at the following picture for more instructions.

Install Grammarly on Microsoft Word 206
Install Grammarly in Microsoft Word 206

Step 3. Once the installation is finished they will ask for your account, if you have a Grammarly account then login otherwise just skip the step. If you want to create a Grammarly account then follow this link.

Login or Skip

Note: If you have opened a Microsoft Word or Microsoft Outlook then restart the application then Grammarly will appear. You will also see this pop-up after skipping the account login step.

Grammarly for Microsoft Word 2016

After you install the application, open Microsoft Word or Microsoft Outlook to sign in for an account. You don’t need to worry about Grammarly account because it doesn’t cost for checking small errors. In fact, you can signup with your Facebook ID or Google account. Follow this link to learn how to sign up for free Grammarly account.

Conclusion (How to Add Grammarly on Microsoft Word 2016)

This article was all about how to add Grammarly on Microsoft Word 2016. I hope this article helped you, comment and ask your questions regarding this article. You may also share your experience with us about Grammarly. Watch the following video for more instructions and guides. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.



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