How to Arrange Objects in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

by Ali March 1, 2018 at 3:14 pm

in this article, I am going to show how to arrange objects in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 and what is alignment. Arranging options or alignments give us a better perspective of the slides and the slide components. By arranging or aligning objects like picture, shape, text boxes, charts, tables the audience will understand what is going on in your presentation and it will be more neat and understandable for them. Whenever you are presenting a presentation alignment must be taken care of because if your slide components are not placed correctly it will lead to misunderstanding and confusing most of the times. In addition, alignment can help us in creating a neat and clean presentation. There are few options in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 that are used for arrangement and alignment of the shapes, pictures, text boxes and other objects. So without wasting more time lets move through the article.

Before moving towards alignment and arrangement you must know the difference between alignment and arrangement.
Arrangement: This only manages whether an object is behind or in front of the other object. For example, if we have two pictures then you can send one of the pictures behind or in front of the other picture. These options are “bring forward and send backward”.
Alignment: This manages the position or place for the objects like pictures, shapes, charts, tables, and other objects. For example, we can align a picture in the middle of the slide, in the left, in the right, to the top, and to the bottom.

You will know more about these two options after using them by yourself.

Arrangement (How to Arrange Objects in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016)

There are few options in Microsoft PowerPoint that help us managing objects like the picture. In PowerPoint 2016 there are four options for managing this, all of the options are in Drawing Group of Home Tab. I will try to explain the usages with an example, for that you need to insert two pictures or any other object you like. Follow these steps to learn them all but before make sure to insert two objects.

Step1. Put both of the objects on each other but the first object must not cover all the area of the second object. It is also possible if you can see only the edges or some part of the second object. Look at the following picture, you may create two shapes like mine.

How to Arrange Objects in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
Insert two shapes

Step2. Now before sending the first shape to back you need to change the first shape color so that it is easy to understand. For changing the color just select the shape and go to the format tab and from Shape Styles Group select the color of shape fill.

Once you have changed the color of the first shape then select it and from the Drawing Group then go through the arrange option then select the second or the fourth option. Send to back or send backward.

Picture arrangement in Microsoft PowerPoint 016

There are some differences between send to back and send backward.
Send Backward: It will send the object back just one level, not at the end of many shapes. You can use this if you have many shapes or objects.
Send to back: It will send the shape to the last level.

Also the same cases with Bring forward and bring to front. Just select the shape or object then choose the option which is proper for your work.

Conclusion (How to Arrange Objects in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016)

Arranging objects is completely different from aligning objects so don’t mix it up. The great part of the arrangement is that you can sort out the objects you like and which one is most important. According to your work and you can adjust them. I hope you all have gotten something from this article. Feel free to ask questions regarding this article. Also, share things you have learned.


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