How to Connect Smartwatch to Your Phone?

by Ali January 6, 2018 at 11:11 am

In this article, I am going to show how you can connect smartwatch to your phone (Android/Apple). As you all know that in the past watches were used just for watching the clock but now it is different. Smartwatches have brought new facilities for the people, Today we can perform all most all mobile actions on smartwatches such as playing songs, contacting, sending messages, reminders, clock, alarm, calculation and much more. Smartwatches are easy to carry and more comfortable while exercising, running or walking. Phones have the possibility of falling down each time but smartwatches will be stick to your wrist every time. Smartwatches also weigh less than your Mobile, so you can put mobile into your pocket and start using the smartwatches which are connected to your mobile phone.

There are some problems with the smartwatches such as the screen is small, we cannot watch videos on some smartwatches. Putting the usages aside let’s move through the steps of connecting smartwatches to your phones. The first thing that you have to do is set your watch.

How to Set your Smartwatches

Whenever you buy a smartwatch it is turned off so there is a power button on every watch. Just press it and let it go after 3 or 5 seconds then your watch will turn on. Most of the time watches are not charged especially when you buy online so don’t be disappointed just charge the phone for a while then you can turn it on. Look at the following picture for more instructions. My smartwatches may be different from urs but the settings are all most similar.

Tap on the application sign on the watch screen Then find the Bluetooth option from the phone. Tap on it. The following picture may help you.

Bluetooth with smartwatch
Bluetooth application


As I have seen some smartwatches there must be 5 option after you tap on the Bluetooth. Moving to my smartwatch, we have to power the Bluetooth on, so first, I will tap on the Power option on the screen. Secondly, tap on the visibility to make it visible to every device near the watch. Tap on my device.

Connect Smartwatch to Your Phone
My Device

Now you have to move to your mobile phone and turn the Bluetooth on.

Look at your watch and then you will see the phone you want to connect. Tap on the phone which is visible on your watch then it will be paired.

How to Make Visible your Device for Pairing

First of all, go to your phone setting (Android/ Apple) then turn the Bluetooth on.

Make your device visible by ticking the box. Once you make it visible go to your smartwatch Bluetooth and pair the devices.

Note: Most of the time you have to tap on the pair option from your smartwatch because sometime it will not pair if you tap on the mobile.

Conclusion (Connect SmartWatch to Your Phone)

The whole article is about how to connect smartwatch to your phone. Smartphones have brought new facilities which we can use it just like our mobiles. We can perform almost all of the things that we do on our mobile. The watches are easy to carry and more comfortable while riding bikes and exercising. I hope this article helped you.

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