How to Create a Date Picker in Microsoft Word

by Ali January 3, 2018 at 6:13 am

The date picker is like a box that contains the date of the years. Many people still don’t know that we can create this kind of objects in Microsoft Word. With the help of date pickers, we can make a form easily and more understandable for the people. People can select dates from the box according to your question which is a great way to provide the information. It is better to use the date picker rather than asking them to type themselves, many times you will get stuck too many problems. For example, most of the time people type wrong which they don’t want. In this article, I am going to show how to create a date picker in Microsoft Word 2016 so stick with us until the end.

Watch the video tutorial if you are not interested in reading. The video is placed at the end of the article.

Before going to the steps of how to create a date picker in Microsoft Word you need the Developer tab of Microsoft Word 2016. The developer tab is mostly hidden from the setting which you can show up by ticking the developer box from the setting. Follow the following steps to show up your developer tab. Those who have the developer tab can start reading from the heading.

Step1. go to the file backstage views of Microsoft Word 2016 and then click on the Options.
Step2. Another window will appear after you click on the option and from the customize ribbon section just tick the developer box. The Developer tab will Appear beside the View tab.

How to Create a Date Picker in Microsoft Word 2016

The date picker is just like the drop down list which you can read if you haven’t. Without explaining more about date picker lets move through the steps to insert one.

Step1. Go to the developer tab, from the Controls Group click on the date picker content control, you will see a box on the page. Look at the following picture for more instructions.

Developer Tab of Microsoft Word 2016
Developer Tab of Microsoft Word 2016

Step2. If you want to bring some changes to the box then from the control group click on the properties. You can change the date to a different style. You can put a title in the box and add some tags also you may select the color for the outline of the box. This is how you can add and customize the date picker box. look at the following picture if you didn’t get me.

How to Create a Date Picker in Microsoft Word
Edit Properties

You can use this box for creating a form for workers or students. The usage of this box and drop-down list are a lot. I hope you have gotten something from this article.

Conclusion (How to Create a Date Picker in Microsoft Word 2016)

The whole article is about how to create a date picker in Microsoft Word 2016. The date picker helps us select the correct date for filling a data. There are many usages of the date picker and the drop-down list. Share your ideas about where can we use the date picker? Feel free to ask your question regarding the date picker.

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