How to Create Personal Savings Table in Excel 2016?

by Ali March 25, 2018 at 11:00 am

In this article, I will show How to create personal savings table in Excel 2016? For understanding better the process you must know few things that I will explain in the next paragraph. Personal savings table is for your personal expenditures or expenses that people spend money on and the amount of money a person earns. The point is how to sort out that how much money we can save in a month or a year. This is the best way to decrease your expenditures and start saving money for your next car or house. In addition, by this way, you can compare your expenses and manage your costs. Making a table or a chart is the best to make a personal savings table.

What are your expenses or expenditures?

The things you spend money on is your expenditure, it can be your house bill, household things, gas bill, water bill, cloths, weekends, picnic, transportation and more. It can also be an accident that cost money for medicines or operations. In sum, all of these are your expenditures.

What is your Income?

The money you get is income. It can be your salary or wage is your income. There are also other kinds of income such as selling some extra things from your house or selling your old car.

If you have understood these two things then start creating your table. The personal savings table is not only for householders but also for students.

How to Create Personal Savings Table in Excel 2016?

For creating a personal savings table you need to add up some columns. The first column is your income list.

List all your income methods and in the next columns type how much you earn from each method. At the end of the second column sum up all your income. Look at the following picture for more instructions. Use this formula to some up your income. =sum(select income rows). In the following picture, I have not used Sum just to show you the selection.

Income table in Excel 2016
Income table

As you can see that I have summed up all my income methods.

Create your next column, this column must be the list of all your expenses or expenditures. You may list the things that you spend money on it. It can be your car parking cost, clothes, bills, food, and more. look at the following picture to gather some ideas about your expenses.

Create professional tables in Excel 2016

Now it is time to find out how much you can save in a month. Type savings in a cell and in the next cell type this formula. =income total – expenditures total.

How to create personal savings table in Excel 2016?

By this result, you will understand better to spend how much on which thing to save. I hope this will help you to manage your expenditures.

Conclusion (How to Create Personal Savings Table in Excel 2016?)

The whole article was about creating personal savings table to manage expenses and income. Students and householders should use this method of managing their savings. Do not forget to share your feedback in the comment section. Feel free to ask questions about Microsoft Excel 2016. Visit my YoutTube channel for video tutorials.



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