How to Hide Rows and Columns in Microsoft Excel 2016

by Ali August 17, 2017 at 7:15 pm

In this article, I am going to show you all how to hide rows and columns in Microsoft Excel 2016. You may face some situations that you don’t want the rows and columns for a specific time. Hiding some records or rows may solve your problem. You may even hide one complete excel sheet but there is one condition for that. Later on, I will speak and explain it more. whenever you don’t want to see some records for the specific time you don’t need to delete the records or the rows. It will be easier to hide instead of deleting the records and adding them after. Sometimes you may have some important records than other records and you want to customize the other records that are on one sheet, you can simply hide the important records.

Now let move to learn how to hide rows and columns in Microsoft Excel 2016.

Hide rows and Columns in Microsoft Excel 2016

As I have told some examples for some situations now I think that you have gotten the importance of hiding the rows and columns. Now follow the following steps to learn how to hide rows and columns in Microsoft Excel 2016.

First of all, select those rows or columns that you want to hide. Once you select the records then from the insert tab of Microsoft Excel 2016 find the Format Tab option from the cells group. You may take help from the following picture.

Hide rows and Columns in Microsoft Excel
Format Option and Visibility section

Click on the format option then click on the hide & unhide option from the visibility section. The hide and unhide are in the same option. Now for hiding the information or records click on the hide option. You have three options for hiding the records. You can hide the rows; you can hide the columns or the sheet itself. If you want to hide the sheet completely first you have to add some new sheets, otherwise, the hide sheet option won’t work. Look at the following picture for more instruction.

Hide and Un hide Options
Hide and Un hide Options

Below the hiding options, there are the unhide options. From here you can unhide those records that you have hidden them before. For un hiding, the rows or columns select all the sheet. That is a simple way to unhide the records. If you select any other cell that is not in the territory of the hidden cells the unhide option won’t work.

The Unhide sheet will look off until you didn’t hide any sheet. Once you hide one sheet then the option will turn on. The usages of the hiding sheet are more than hiding the rows or columns.

That is how easy you can hide and unhide the rows, columns, and sheets.

Conclusion (Hide rows and Columns in Microsoft Excel 2016)

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