How to Play PSP Games on Android? (2018)

by Ali January 17, 2018 at 4:01 pm

In this article, I am going to show you all how to play PSP games on Android. If you cannot afford a PSP then no worries you can play PSP games on any Android device. In this article, I will introduce the PSP emulator application on Android. You can find this application on Android play store. The PSP emulator will appear like action buttons on your mobile or Android screen, you can press and hover the action and movements buttons. By using the PSP emulator you will have access to almost all of the accessories that can be found on a PSP. The PSP emulator is also for iOS. I will tell more about the application later now just move to the steps to install and see the games in it.

You may watch the video tutorial if you don’t have interest in reading, the video is at the last of the second subheading.

How to Play PSP Games on Android (Installing PSP Emulator)

You can download this app from any browser on your Android or you can directly download from the Android play store. You can follow this link to find the website to download the application from the browser. PPSSPP.ORG

If you want to download from the play store then search for PPSSPP in the play store search bar. Make sure to download the correct app from the play store.

Once you have installed open the application and download the games you want and play. Downloading PPSSPP is a little complicated because we cannot install the games directly on our device, We have to go through the browser and follow some links to download the application. In this article, I will just show how you can download the games that are already in the application such as cave story, oZone, web feet, Mega drops and many more.

The app has many features like setting, credits, support, and games. Talking about the setting, from the setting you can manage the controls, audio, the system(General setting), and more. I think you have known much about the app so let me show you all from where you can install the games that are already in the app.

Download the PSP Games (Homebrew and Demos)

Here I am going to show how you can download the PSP games that already exist in the application. You don’t need to follow links from the browser just go and tap on the game you want to download.

There are three tabs on the screen so you need to go to the homebrew and demos tab then from there open the Download from PPSSPP Homebrew store.

How to Play PSP Games on Android
Homebrew games

You will see the list of the games that are available, install the games and enjoy. Look at the following picture for more instructions. As you can see in the picture that I have already downloaded the KOSMODRONES game.

Download PSP games on Android
Download PSP games

As I said that there are other PPSSPP games to play, if you get bored from playing these games then you may follow this link to know how to download free games for PPSSPP. I hope this article was helpful for you all.

Conclusion (How to Play PSP Games on Android)

The whole article was about how to play PSP games on Android. If you are bored of playing mobiles games all the time and you cannot afford a PSP too then use the PSP emulator. PSP emulator lets you play PSP games on your Android device, this also works on iOS devices. Enjoy the PSP games on your mobiles.

Feel free to ask your questions regarding this article, and also share your ideas about the emulator app. Don’t forget to watch the following video and subscribe my YouTube channel for more video Tutorials.


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