How to Protect Word Document in 3 Steps

by Ali July 2, 2017 at 9:37 am

In This article, you will learn how to Protect word documents from the other writers or authors. Sometime you may have created some important and special document in Microsoft word and you don’t want anyone to edit or destroy it. So today I am going to show you how to protect word documents. Microsoft Word word 2016 has a tool for saving the document from editing and formatting the document contents. There is an option or tool by the name of restrict editing. The tool is very useful and most of the people use this option to keep safe their document and files. You can restrict the editing by putting conditions or rules that exist in the tools itself. So, later on, we will talk about the conditions. For example, I can manage that the visitors of the document can only read the document and cannot edit anything.

Like the above example, there are many other rules and conditions that you can learn them by clicking and reading them. The rules and simple and very easy to understand. Also, everyone can use it as their own way. You may also use for protecting the important document like cv, letters, applications, government papers, and more. So now let go through the 3 steps that you can protect word documents from the visitors, authors, other users.

Step 1 Formatting Restriction (Protect Word Documents)

First of all, go to the review tab and then find Restrict Editing option and then click on it. After clicking you will see a new panel at the right side of the window. The first option is formatting restriction. You may see the instruction from the following picture.

Microsoft word 2016
Review tab and Restrict Editing panel

In this step, you can select some styles that you can restrict only. From the first option, you can see the (Setting) with the blue color. Click on that.

After you click on the option a new small window will appear and from there you can select or manage those options that you want to restrict. By restricting formatting to the styles, you prevent the ability to modify and the ability to apply direct formatting to the document. There is a list of all the tools and option. The checked options are allowed uncheck the options that you want to restrict for the document.

Restriction rules
Restriction rules

You may choose the recommended checking’s from the Microsoft word itself. In addition, you can check and uncheck all of them with the options that exist on the window. Now you have learned the first step of how to safe word Documents.

Step 2 Editing Restrictions (Protect Word Documents)

This step is very easy. In this step, you will only manage the kind of restriction. For example, the other writer can only read it or they can do other work too. There are one list and one check box for editing the restrictions.

From the first list, you may select one of the four options that exist. Filling in forms, comment, track changes, no changes (read only). Now the meaning of the options is clear to you. For example, if you select the (no changes) option then the visitor cannot even delete a word or edit any content of the document.

Protect word Documents
Editing Restriction

After you select any of the options from the list you will see the checkbox. From the check box, you can manage that the rules are for everyone or not. You can check and uncheck the box.

Now let’s go through the third step for protecting word documents.

Step 3 Start Enforcement (Protect Word Documents)

This is the last step of protecting the word document. You will see an option with this name (yes, start enforcing protection). After clicking on this option you will see a new window. The following picture may help you with the instruction.

When you see the new window from there type the password for protecting the document. in the first box type the password and also in the second box for the confirmation. After you type the password click on the Ok button to start protection.

Start Enforcing
Start Enforcing

Whenever you want to break the protection you will see an option at the right side of the screen by the name of Stop protection. You can see the instruction in the following picture.

Click on that and type the password, now you can edit and format all the contents in the document. these were all the three steps for protecting and unprotecting the word documents.

Conclusion (Protect word documents)

I showed you how to protect word documents in this article, I hope this article was helpful for all. Ask any question about the article and Microsoft Word 2016. We will be happy answering you all. Also, provide us a feedback in the comment section.

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  1. If you want to allow other users to change the certain parts of a document, you can lock parts of the Word document, and the unlocked parts of the document can be edited freely.

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