Inking in Microsoft Word 2016 (Pen Tools)

by Ali October 7, 2017 at 3:24 am

In this article, I am going to talk about inking in Microsoft Word 2016. Inking is a tool, which we can use for highlighting and for making shapes with pen and many other tools. I will introduce other tools later. Most of the time people use these ink tools as a highlighting and reviewing the document. For example, they highlight those words that they are not sure about or they will highlight those records from the table that are not certain. There is another great option by the name of “Ink to math” which I will explain later on. The inking tool is not limited to highlighting and reviewing there are other usages of inking in Microsoft Word 2016.

In most of the offices, there are more tools for using the ink tool. For example, they ask people to sign on a pad that is connected to their computers. I think it is enough for introducing you to the inking tool.

Inking in Microsoft Word 2016

The inking option is in the Review Tab of Microsoft Word because most of the people use it as reviewing tool. As my opinion, we can use it as a reviewing tool too. Whenever we need to highlight some important words in our document then we can use this tool. There is a special tab for inking and different tools for highlighting.

Go to the review tab of Microsoft Word and then find “Start Inking” and click on that. After Clicking, another tab will appear on the ribbon by the name of Pens. Look at the following picture.

Review tab
Review tab

In the new tab, there are two kinds of highlighters. Highlighter itself and the pen option that has different size and colors. You may change the colors and manage the thickness of the pen or highlighter. Look at the following picture.

Pen tools
Pen tools

They are easy to remove, there is an eraser tool and select object tool. First, select the eraser tool and click on the pen and highlighted areas to remove.

There is another great tool in this tab. Ink to math is another great tool for inserting mathematical signs. Click on that and a small window will appear. In the window, draw the math sign that you want and above that, the sign will appear. Look at the following picture for more clarification.

Inking in Microsoft word 2016
Ink to math

Clarification (Inking in Microsoft Word 2016)

The entire article was about inking in Microsoft Word 2016. The pens and highlighting tools are very effective for most of the works; they can highlight important records and texts in the document. I hope you have gotten something from the article. If you have, any question put a comment below the article. Provide us a feedback regarding the article.

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