How to insert Macro in Microsoft Excel 2016?

by Ali December 5, 2017 at 5:51 am

In this article, I will show How to insert Macro in Microsoft Excel 2016? If you have worked with some macro in any other Microsoft Office programs then you will quickly understand this article because it is the same like the macro in Microsoft PowerPoint and Word. Macro is a great feature in Microsoft Excel 2016 that makes it easy to repeat some action quickly. Macro is used by most of the people to make their work easy and faster. While making a macro you can put a shortcut keyword for repeating the action then, later on, you can use it. If you know, enough about Macros then start reading from the second heading but if you do not have, any idea about that read the following heading. Without wasting more time let’s move through the article.

What is a Macro

Macro is a great feature in Microsoft Office programs that make it easy to repeat some action. For example, if you want to copy a text formatting then macro is the best way because you can paste the formatting or style anytime on other texts. Before inserting a macro, you need to record a macro. Recording macro is very easy. Later on, I will show how to record a macro. Macro is like an action copier and imitator; it copies the action and applies on the other one. Macros have different usages with different Microsoft Office programs but almost all are the same. I think you have gotten much about the macro, now read the following paragraph to get how to insert Macro in Microsoft Excel 2016.

How to Insert Macro in Microsoft Excel 2016?

As I told before that before inserting macro, you have to create one. Follow the following steps to create a Macro. Here I have created a macro for inserting formatting.

Step1. Go to the View tab of Microsoft Excel, from the Macro group click on macro and then on Record Macro. Just follow the instruction in the following picture. After you click on that, a small window will pop up.

Macro in Excel 2016
View tab and record Macro

Step2. In the new tab, write the macro name, the name must not contain spaces because it will not accept. Secondly, put a shortcut keyword after you type the name. It could be anything but not the shortcut that is already in Microsoft Word. For example, you cannot put the shortcut of cut (Ctrl+C). You can use multiple function buttons like (ctrl+shift+R) or something like this. You may write a description of what you are going to create. After you type all the information then click ok. The recording is now started.

Give name and Put a Shortcut
Give name and Put a Shortcut

Step3. In this step just apply the formatting to the text you want. Do not do other works or do not use other functions because it will be recorded. When you have done all the things, you needed then go to the view tab and stop recording from the place you started or click on the stop button at the bottom part of the window. Look at the following picture.

How to insert Macro in Microsoft Excel 2016
Stop recording

For inserting the macro on any other cell just go to the same place, click on view macros, and then select the macro you want or press the shortcut keyboards you put. The shortcut keyboards are to make our work easier and faster. I hope this article has helped you much with the problems.

View Macros and run
View Macros and run

Conclusion (How to Insert Macro in Microsoft Excel 2016)

The whole article was about how to insert macro in Microsoft Excel 2016. Macro is a great feature of Microsoft Excel to repeat some actions. I would recommend you all to use a macro to save your time. If you have any question regarding Microsoft, Excel and this article let us know. Also, don’t forget to share your ideas. Watch the following video to learn more. Follow us on YouTube too by subscribing our channel.


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