How to Enable Macro in PowerPoint

by Ali October 26, 2017 at 11:22 am

People usually do not use the Macro option, which is not a clever thing to do. Macros are very helpful for saving time. For example, if you record a text, which you need most of the time, you do not need to write it repeatedly. If you do not know how to enable Macro in PowerPoint then you must read this article to the end. Many people think that there is no Macro in PowerPoint. Actually, you have to turn on an option then you will see some extra tools including the Macro. In this article, I will show how you can enable macro in PowerPoint 2016. At first, we have to find some options and turn on them. The option that I am saying is actually a Tab. The tab name is Developer.

Developer Tab

So as is said in the above paragraph that we have to find an option and check the unchecked box. There are many other options in the Developer Tab like Macros, Visual basics, Restrict Editing, Add-Ins, and some other. Follow the following steps to make the developer tab appear.

Step1. Go to the File Backstage view or open a new tab and then find the Options. Click on that option. A new window will appear. This window is actually the setting of Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. From here, you can set and change many things. You can change the default font, change the saving place and more. Look at the following picture for more clarification.

File Backstage view of PowerPoint 2016
File Backstage view of PowerPoint 2016

Step2. Once you see the window just click on the Customize Ribbon section from the left-hand side. After clicking, look at the right side of the window, find the Main Tab Section, and just check the developer option. That is all, now move to the PowerPoint interface and look at the last of the tabs. You will see a new tab and that is the Developer tab. Look at the following picture for more clarification.

Enable Macro in PowerPoint 2016
Check the Developer Box

Continue reading the important things will start from here.

Enable Macro in PowerPoint 2016

There is another small step you must follow to enable macros in PowerPoint 2016. This step must be followed and it is very important because PowerPoint does not allow all kinds of Macros before we enable some options. The Macros are disabled at first, we have to enable it but it Microsoft PowerPoint does not recommend us to enable it.

Go to the Developer tab and then click on Macro security. Choose the fourth option from the right side of the window and then click OK. Now you have successfully enabled the macros in PowerPoint 2016. In the next article, I will show you how you can insert a Macro or Visual Basic.

Enable All Macros
Enable All Macros

Conclusion (Enable Macro in PowerPoint 2016)

The whole article was about enabling macro in PowerPoint 2016. I hope you all have gotten something from this article. Share it with your friends and let them learn it too. Put a comment below the article and ask any question regarding this article and Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. Also, subscribe us with your email address and we will inform you when we post a new article.

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