Insert Macros in Microsoft Word 2016

by Ali September 24, 2017 at 8:31 am

In this article, I am going to show you how to insert Macros in Microsoft Word 2016. Macros are very easy to create but are very effective on saving your time. Macros are like recorded things, once you record something you can play it at any time. Once you record a macro then you can apply and insert the same thing and actions at anywhere on the document. If you want to learn the macro recording and inserting macros then you are in the correct place. Here I will explain and show how you can insert Macros in Microsoft Word 2016 but before read the following. The macro option exist in the developer tab read the following and follow the instruction to add the developer tab.

Where is Macro?

Macro exist in the developer tab of Microsoft Word 2016. If the developer tab is not in the ribbon then follow the following steps to make it appear. We are going to trn the developer tab on so that we can find Macros and some other important tools and options.

Click on the setting/option from the file backstage view. You may look at the following picture if you cannot understand the words instruction.

Insert Macros in Microsoft Word 2016

A new window will appear on the screen, find the customize ribbon section from the left side of the window and click on that. You will see many options after clicking on customize ribbon. You have to find Main Tabs section and check the developer box. Look at the following picture for a guide.

Insert Macros in Microsoft Word 2016
Checking the Developer Tab box

The developer tab will appear beside the view tab after checking the developer box. Now let’s move to know how to record and insert macros in Microsoft Word 2016.

Insert Macros in Microsoft Word 2016

First, I would like to explain the specialty and the performance of macros. Macros are like pasting something repeatedly. Whenever you need some words with the formatting and all the design, you can use the Macro. Some people might ask that we can use the paste option for doing such but they do not know that we can insert or record multiple macros at a time. You will know the better usages once you learn using the option.


Go to the developer Tab of Microsoft Word 2016 and find the record macro option from the code group. Click on the Record Macro option. A new window will appear then you have to write the macro name and set a keyboard shortcut for that. You may also select a sign for the Macro. You may also add some description for the macro you want to record. Click on OK to start recording.

Record Macro
Record Macro

Set macro name, shortcut or sign.

Macros in Microsoft Word 2016
Set Shortcut and Name

Remember after clicking on the record macro option all the activities and changes you add to the document will be recorded. You can write texts and design them and you can insert pictures and anything. Once you write the texts and insert shapes or pictures go to the developer tab and click on stop recording. You have successfully created the macro.

Stop Recording macros in Microsoft Word
Stop Recording

Once you create the Macro, go to the developer tab, click on Macros option, and then find the macro you create. Just select and then click on Run option from the right side. You may also use the shortcut key that you entered at the first. The macro will appear where the mouse cursor is.


Using macros are effective on saving our time. I have not mentioned some miner things on the above paragraph you may try to learn them by yourselves. I hope you have learned something from the article. Put a comment below the article and send us a feedback. Feel free to ask your questions regarding Microsoft Office and this article.

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