How to Insert Pictures Bibliography Online?

by Ali November 19, 2017 at 9:41 am

In this article, I will show how to insert pictures bibliography online. There is a rule on the internet that we cannot use others content without their permission but there is another condition that we can use others content like pictures, videos not for business purposes. If we want to use others pictures, videos for teaching or showing something that is not a problem but if we use others content for our business profit that is a problem. Even if we want to use others contents for non-beneficial purposes we must provide a bibliography of the content. The bibliography is a simple way to say that the content that I am using is others not mine. We can insert bibliography from Microsoft Word 2016 but it will take much time to type all the information. There is another way to insert bibliography online and make your work easier.

If you want to use others content without any problem then you must read this article. So without wasting more time let’s move through.

Insert Picture bibliography online

We ca insert bibliography from two places. We can insert a bibliography from Microsoft Word 2016 itself and we can insert a bibliography from, which is a website. In this website, you will see the same platform as Microsoft Word but with different options. You may try to discover other options but the option that we need right now is the first option from the left side. Click on Website option from the left. Look at the following picture.
Cite this for me

After clicking on the website option, you will see another preview will appear. In the URL bar just paste the URL of the website or the URL of the picture. Click on (Auto cite) option at the right. Look at the following picture for more clarification.

cite URL
Cite URL

A new view of the page will appear, then find the final step option, and click on that. The name is the final step but it is not the final step. Look at the following picture it will help you to find where the option is.

Final step
Final step

In this step, you have to click on Add references option to create the bibliography. You will see all the information that is provided for the content you pasted the URL.

Add references in Microsoft word 2016
Add references

In the last step, you have to click on copy and paste option. Look at the following picture to help yourself. Once you click on the option, you will be redirected to another preview in which you will see the references, copy that, and paste it wherever you want. The best point about online references is that the information is true and the URL of finding the content is available.

Insert Pictures Bibliography
Copy and Paste option

You can insert many references, copy, and paste all at once. Whenever you want to collect pictures for PowerPoint presentation, you can this website to check out the references to every picture. You can add a YouTube video URL and get the references to the video. For example, you will find the published date, the channel and perhaps the category too.

Conclusion (Insert Pictures Bibliography)

The whole article was about how to insert pictures bibliography online. The website is really amazing and useful for those who want to use others content without any problem. If you have, any question feel free to ask us. Just put a comment below the article and share your ideas about creating an online bibliography. Check out the following video if you didn’t understand the article correctly.



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