Insert Tables in Microsoft Excel 2016

by Ali December 13, 2017 at 6:12 am

There is a feature in Microsoft Excel 2016 that people use for organizing mostly numerical information. The feature’s name is Table. Tables are another way to organize information in cells and a great manner. Tables in Microsoft Excel is a bit different from tables in other Microsoft Office programs. Excel spreadsheets are made of cells. Horizontal and vertical cells that are completely like tables; there are few differences that you will get the answer after reading this article. Most people do not use the simple table because it has not much difference with normal Excel sheet. People use the pivot table of Microsoft Excel because it is easy to sort the items or cells of the table. In this article, I will show how you can insert tables in Microsoft Excel 2016.

Insert Tables in Microsoft Excel 2016

Before showing how to insert tables in Microsoft Excel 2016, I have to tell that there are two kinds of the table in Microsoft Excel. 1. Simple Table 2. Pivot table.
In this article, I will show how you can insert simple tables in Microsoft Excel. Follow the following steps to insert a table.

Step1. Go to the Insert tab of Microsoft Excel then from the Tables group click on the table. Look at the following table.

Insert Tables in Microsoft Excel 2016
Insert Table in Microsoft Excel

Step2. Select the range or the cells that you want to make a table.
Note: If you have a table header then check the header box if you do not have a header then let it be unchecked. If you check it then it will select the first row as a header. Look at the following picture for more instructions.

Create Tables in Microsoft Excel 2016
Create Table

Extra Information about Tables

The difference between normal Excel spreadsheets with the tables is the following.

Excel Spreadsheet Tables
Manage data Manage data with sorting and filtering
No designs (should apply by yourself) Different designs (designed already)
Waste time for designing Saves time (no need to format a lot)
 Not easy to find records Easy to find records
Can use Formula functions use Formula functions
Can add more records table Not good for more records

I think tables have more advantages to use for organizing data and information. If you have different ideas about Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and tables, share it with us in the comment section.

Conclusion (Insert Tables in Microsoft Excel 2016)

Tables are a great feature to organize information and data. We can insert formula and commands in the tables that make it easy for users to do calculations. The tables are well designed in Microsoft Excel and are editable. I hope this article has helped you much. Feel free to ask your questions regarding this article and Microsoft Excel. Do not forget to visit our YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe our website and YouTube channel for more tutorials.



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