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by Ali January 16, 2017 at 3:32 pm

In today’s article, you will learn to insert tables in Microsoft word 2016. What are tables? Tables are consisting of rows and columns or tables are a data structure that we can use them to organize the data. For example, we can use the data to organize the products that your company produces. People uses the table in many ways. Some people use for the school student list, some people use it for the employee list and many other ways. We use the table in our daily life. For example, you draw a table on the paper to make a schedule for yourself. Example are a lot. Inserting tables in Microsoft PowerPoint has no differences with inserting tables in Microsoft word 2016. click here to review inserting table in PowerPoint 2016.

In Microsoft word we also have the tables. Here we can use the tables the same ways that I mentioned in the above paragraph. In addition, we can use the tables more complicated in Microsoft word. For example, we can color the table, apply the border, and many another formatting. If we want to arrange the data’s so that everybody should understand well then there is nothing better than a table. From the combination of rows and columns boxes are created in the table, in the boxes you can add the data or information.

we can insert tables from the insert tab. There is a particular and special group for the table. We can insert tables from many ways. There are five options that you can insert tables. After inserting the table from any of the four options two new tabs will open. The design tab and the layout tab but on the top of that table tools will be written. We will study about the both two tabs in the other articles. The followings are the five ways to insert a table in the word document. In each of the heading, there are two options explained.

Table gallery & Insert tables options

From the table group that exists in the insert tab, you can insert table. There is a table gallery when you click on the table option. hover you mouse on the gallery to insert table. The maximum rows that you can insert from here are eight and maximum columns are ten. You can insert more from other options or you can add the columns and table from the table itself. The table gallery makes it easy to organize the small and fewer data’s.

There is a bad thing that there is a limit for the rows and columns. For the less data table gallery is very useful. For example, you have a class with ten students then you can add everybody’s name easily.  It is good for the small tables but not for the big tables. For example, if you have many employees for your company and you want to make a salary table for all of them then there will be a problem to use the table gallery. In this cases, we should use the other options to insert table.

Insert Tables
Table gallery

Insert table

The second option is “insert table”. After clicking on this option, a small window will pop up on the screen. In that window, we can write a number of rows and columns. The benefit of this option is this that we can insert as many rows/columns that we want.

On the first box, you have to write the amount of the columns. On the second box write the amount of the rows that you want to insert. We can use this option for the large information and data’s. for example, you can add the data of all the students that study in your school or you can add the employee salary data of all the month.

Microsoft office tutorials

Excel Spreadsheet & Quick tables

The third option that you can insert the table from is Excel spreadsheet. When you click on this option then you word window will turn to Microsoft excel window. It is a very useful option because you can use the formulas of the excel on the table. For example, we can write a formula to add the numbers. Working with the excel spreadsheet is very easy to edit the size of each row/column or we can say the cell. There is a problem that you cannot add or edit the data on the Microsoft word window. You can only edit the data in the excel spreadsheet mode. Double click on the table to edit/add the data.

Microsoft office 2016 tutorials
Excel spreadsheet

Quick tables

Quick tables are the designed table that we can use them in our document. Most of the tables are designed and ready to use just you have to change the data. In the quick table list, we have calendar tables that we can use it in our documents. We can add our table to the quick tables list. Click on the table and then go to the quick table list click on the “Save selection to quick tables gallery” option.

Microsoft office 2016 tutorials
Quick Tables


It was a short information about inserting table in Microsoft word document. As I said in the beginning that there are many ways that we can insert the table. We can copy the table from any other Microsoft program such as PowerPoint and insert it into a word document. We will study more about tables in the next article. Put a comment below and ask your questions and tell me if I have missed any option from table group. thanks for being with us.



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