Insert the Best Pictures for Everything in Word 2016

by Ali September 21, 2017 at 2:48 pm

In this article, I will show you how to insert the best pictures for everything in Word 2016. In Microsoft word 2016 we work with the texts and pictures more than other things like chart or tables. Whenever you need a picture urgently, you do not have to open the browser, search for the picture and save the picture after loading. After these much work, you have to insert that picture into the document; it will waste your time. There is an easy way you can insert pictures from Microsoft Word 2016 itself. Online pictures are one of the best facilities that Microsoft word 2016 has provided. Therefore, by using the online picture option you can save your time and insert any picture.

Inserting online picture is not that much hard that I should tell step by step. Again, for some people or Microsoft Word beginners, it might be a problem. I have written a short instruction for inserting an online picture down below but if you want to learn it step by step then click here. By clicking on the option you will be directed to a new page that there you can learn how to insert any kind of picture in Microsoft Word 2016.

Note: the article is for PowerPoint but the same options are in Microsoft Word 2016. Also if you want to learn how to format and design the pictures then click here.

How to insert the Best Pictures for Everything in Word 2016

First, go to the Insert Tab, find the Online pictures option, and then click on that. Look at the following picture if you did not understand the instruction.

Online Picture Options
Online Picture Options

A new window will appear and then search for anything you want. In the same window, you will see the result of the search and then select the picture by clicking on each of them. You may select multiple pictures and insert them just at once. It is the best part of it. Bing is the search engine. You have to sign into your account for inserting pictures from Onedrive.

Insert The best Pictures for Everything in Word 2016
Inserting Picture

After selecting the pictures click on the insert option at the bottom of the window. It will shortly process for downloading the picture and then the pictures will appear on the document.

It is a very easy and effective way to save our time from wasting on downloading pictures for any project or document. If you really care for your time then use the online Pictures Option.

Conclusion (insert the best pictures for everything in Word 2016)

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