Inserting Pictures in PowerPoint 2016

by Ali November 17, 2016 at 8:52 am

Pictures are the objects that can make our presentation interesting for the audience. Every time pictures explain better than words. Everybody get things easily when there is a picture, the children will remember every story of the cartoon but they won’t remember their studies just by reading. As well, adults. Inserting Pictures in PowerPoint 2016 is very easy to learn how.

Inserting Pictures in PowerPoint 2016

We can insert Pictures in two methods:
we can add the picture from the placeholder of any slide except the first slide of the presentation.
Method two, inserting picture from the Insert Tab. In the insert tab, we have a special group for pictures. There are many pictures inserting options like the picture, online picture, screen shot, and photo album.
Pictures: This option is for inserting pictures that exist on your computer. When you click on the option a new window will appear then select the picture you want. You can add many pictures at one time but all will be on the same slide.

Inserting Pictures in PowerPoint 2016
Insert Picture

Online Pictures: when you click on this option a new window will pop up and from there you have two options, either you search picture or you have already saved the picture in your OneDrive account. In powerPoint 2016 you can insert a picture from facebook too.

PowerPoint 2016 inserting Pictures
Inserting Picture online

ScreenShot: we can capture a pic and then it will be in the screenshot gallery.
Photo Album: Arranging all the pictures in different slides is one of the specialties of this option. As I said we can arrange pictures in different slides at one time which makes our work easy and then you can type text and whatever. Click on the option and insert pictures and then select Fit to slide option and we have created the Album.

Making Photo Album in PowerPoint 2016
Making Photo Album

Editing Pictures

We can edit the size from the picture itself. As tables have a special tab for editing the picture is also having a tab which will be open while clicking on the picture. The tab name is Format, on the top of this tab there is written Drawing Tools. The format tab is not just for pictures, features like pictures, shapes, smart art are having its own Format tab. Every format tab is for a specific feature.
Note: The options that exist on picture format tab won’t be in smart art format tab and also in other feature format tabs.

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