Install the best font for Microsoft word 2016

by Ali June 17, 2017 at 8:25 am

Well in Microsoft there are some basic fonts and classics fonts. if you want to install some amazing font for Microsoft Word 2016 then reading this article is a must. In this article, I will show you how to download and install the best font for Microsoft Word 2016. As you all know that text is something that we need it all time for writing and thing. Fonts make your presentation, document or letter great and more interesting. There are some few steps to do for downloading and installing the font. So let go through.

Download the font

First of all, downloading a text is important, so for that open, any browser you have on your system then type Free fonts. Once you see the result of the search then click on the familiar sites that you know is good. Now I trust on the this site has different kinds of the fonts that I cannot even name them because all of them are amazing. There are many branches of the fonts like handwriting, decorative, comic, old English, and more. inside the branches, there are thousand other fonts. you can download the fonts for free but if you want to buy fonts there are many other sites. Click here to visit the site.

Install the best font for Microsoft word 2016
Font list in website

Click on any of the branches and then a new page will appear and scroll down to see the fonts related to the branch you select. There you will see a download button. Click the button to download. Look at the following picture for more instruction.

Fonts in Microsoft word 2016
Download the Font

After you click on the download button, the download will appear at the bottom of the browser window. Once the download is done then open it. The other steps will be under the other heading. keep continuing.

Installing the font

Once the download is done click to open and then a new window will appear. you can see the different sizes of the text and all the styles of the font. you can see the window in the following picture.

Install the Font
Install the Font

Three is an install button on the top of the window click on that and then the font is installed in your system. Now open a word document and then type the font name. you will see the font in the font list. The font will not appear only in Microsoft word; the font is installed in the system and it can appear in any other programs that have a font list.

Font Name in the Font List
Font Name in the Font List

This was the easy steps to install the best font for Microsoft Word 2016.

Conclusion(Install the best font for Microsoft Word 2016)

I hope the article contents help you to install the best font for Microsoft Word 2016. If you have learned something from the article, please let us know. Put a comment below the post and provide us a feedback regarding the article. Also, you can ask any question about the article and Microsoft Office 2016.

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