Introducing PowerPoint 2016 File Tab Backstage View

by Ali November 5, 2016 at 10:00 am

In this article, you will learn about Introducing PowerPoint 2016 File Tab Backstage View. The file menu is all about presentation sharing, printing, saving and adding a new page. You can click on the “file” options to go to the file menu; the file option place is beside the home tab. There are at least eleven panels, and when you click on any of the panels, you will see lots of options from the individual ones. You can just exit the File menu tab by pressing ESC or clicking on the back arrow on the top. There is no other backstage view without the file menu tab. Backstage pages are the following.

PowerPoint 2016 file tab
Open-File Tab here

File Tab panes

  1. Info Pane: this panel gives information about the presentation. The information is about the Presentation size, file name, file author, comments, tag and the editing time. You also can Protect the document by setting a password for the presentation from the Info pane. There are many other features; I will write a post in future about them and their usages.
PowerPoint 2016 File Tab
Info Panel

New Pane: In this pane, you can add a new template or a new blank page. Remember this will automatically open a new window of PowerPoint.

PowerPoint file tab New Panel
New Panel

Open Pane: This panel also opens any presentation that you have saved before or the presentations that you have recently worked on and closed. Opening any saved presentation or recent presentation will automatically open a new window. Press CRTL+O to quickly open this pane.

PowerPoint 2016 presentation
Open Document

Save & Save as pane: save and save as features are related to each other. If you have saved the document before, for updating the presentation click on save. We save as the document when we have not saved it before.

PowerPoint 2016 save presentation
Save & Save as Panel

Printing pane: We use this panel for printing the slides and the presentation. First of all, you have to connect your printer type and select that from the list. Secondly, choose the slide and the slide quantity. Click on the slide and then the color you are ready to print. Printing is also important for the office workers so printing pane is must learn. For printing a slide only presses CRTL+P.

PowerPoint 2016 Printing
Printing panel


Export pane: This pane is interesting; in this pane, you can create a document of your presentation or a PDF You can create a video of your presentation and a picture, you can burn your presentation to CD or DVD. The most interesting part you can export your presentation into a word document.

Introducing PowerPoint 2016 File Tab Backstage View
Export Panel

Close: this need no explanation, click on the close pane to close the document.
Note: clicking on the close panel doesn’t close the window itself.

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