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by Ali January 4, 2017 at 5:45 am

Today we will study about word interface. At the first, you should open word 2016 that has many ways to open that I will explain later. The Microsoft word interface has not many differences with the PowerPoint 2016 interface. The options that exist in PowerPoint interface exist in word 2016. We can say document for the Microsoft word files. In PowerPoint 2016 our work was with the slides but in the word, our work is with pages.

In addition, we have many templates for the word documents as PowerPoint has for the slides. Microsoft word is the best software for writing papers such as cv, application, test papers, letter and lots of other stuff. learning about the word interface gives us a better and easy method to learn. For example, if you know about the zoom slider then there is no need to go to the view tab to manage the zoom option. Another example the customize quick access toolbar lets you perform the actions quickly.

How to open a word document?

As I told in the first paragraph that we can open a word document from many ways. The following are some method to open a new word document. Learn the below methods to open a word document then I will introduce Microsoft word 2016 interface.
1. We can run the program from the run command box. In this box, we will search the name of the program and then we will click on OK to run the program. Write” winword in the box then click ok to run Microsoft word.There is another option in this box that we can browse the program and then we can run that program. The shortcut key to the box is to press Windows button + r to open the run box.

Run Microsoft word 2016
Run word with run command

2.The second way to open a word document is to search in the start search box. To open the start menu simply press the windows button. After appearing the start menu type word when the word icon appears then click on that to open.

Microsoft word 2016
Run word from start search box

3.There is another way to open a word document. If you have saved any word document before then open that first, then if you need a new word document then press Ctrl + N to open.

Microsoft word interface

After opening a new word document, the first page that you will see is the template menu or word start page. From this page, you can open a template or a blank page. This page has many kinds of templates, for example, a blog post template, a resume template, or a letter template. In the right hand of word window, we have a list just for the saved items we can choose and open the template that we want. Without all the templates we can open a new blank page a then we can create our own template.

Microsoft word 2016 tutorials
Word start page

After opening a template or a blank page you will see the interface of Microsoft word 2016. We will start introducing from the top and then to the bottom of the window.

Customize quick access toolbar.

The tools that exist on the top left of the word 2016 are the quick access toolbar, the tools are a shortcut of any tool that exists in any of the tabs. The actions that we can perform from here is that we can repeat, undo, redo, and save. We can add tools from any tab to the quick access toolbar. You can manage if the menu should be below the ribbon or above the ribbon. The menu on the top is the default position that office has set.

Microsoft word 2016
Customize quick access toolbar

Ribbon and window displaying options


The display options are the tools with the command to manage the display of the window. there are two display lists. The first display option is for complete word window. we can minimize, maximize, and close the window from the right hand of the word window. the second display list is for the ribbon. We have three options in this list. we can choose the auto hide ribbon option, show tabs, and show tabs and commands.

Minimize or maximize
Window displaying options


When you select the auto hide option then the ribbon will automatically hide.By clicking on the top part it will appear again.

When you choose the show tabs option then only the tab will appear while typing something but the command will not appear. The command will appear will you click on any of the tabs.

Ribbon display options

Selecting the show tabs and commands option is better than the other two option. When you select this option then the commands and tabs will appear. This option is the default for showing the ribbon. I recommend you should use this if you are a beginner word user because you will not be able to find the commands and tools quickly with the other displaying options.

Page displaying options

The page displaying options let us clearly read and manage the objects such as text boxes, pictures, charts, and tables. We have five options to display the page. We will study three in here. The options are reading mode, Print layout, and web layout.

Read mode: this display option provides the page with no ribbons, command and no customize quick access toolbar. The page will be displayed full screen with no other menus. If the notes, pages, and headings then the reading mode will be more interesting to use.

Print layout: this display option is the default display. We especially use this when we want to print or create test papers, applications, and some other papers.

Web layout: it shows the pages as it is on the internet. Actually, it provides us a full landscape page but the ribbon and the customize status bar will appear.

Page display modes

Zoom slider: the zoom slider is placed beside the web layout mode. As we can guess from the name of this option that we can zoom in and zoom out the page from here. The slider makes our work easy to look at the papers. Of course, we have another option for zooming but we will study about them in the future posts.

word interface
Zoom slider


today we studied about introducing word interface if you have any question regarding the article then put a comment below the post. I will answer as soon as possible. Also, put a comment if I have missed anything.


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